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ATB feat. Sean Ryan – When It Ends It Starts Again [Video]



ATBATB‘s electrifying music thrills generation after generation in the Trance music scene all over the planet. His albums and compilations invariably shoot to gold and platinum status within weeks. Now he’s back in 2014 with a fantastic new single, entitled “When It Ends It Starts Again”. The song features Sean Ryan on vocals, one of the greatest male vocalists of the genre which is commonly dominated by female singers. The music video looks awesome, it’s an interesting Drama which is directly relevant to the song’s title.

Stay down, don’t say a word
I hear
I fear
Life beats down beneath your skin,

A need
A world away
On and on with every day
We’re alive
And we’re okay
An ocean, a feeling
After the light is far behind
Motion apart, and still you keep a smile
In silence, as you take (the long way home)

Taking my time, gone the long way
I’ll remember this
Many an hour and all to fade away
You show me a world where my heart lay
Time and time again
And when it ends
It starts again

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