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Aussie Electro-Pop Band Parcels Rock The Metro Theatre



Aussie Electro-Pop Band Parcels Rock The Metro Theatre
Since the release of their first studio album in 2018 aptly titled Parcels to match their band name, these guys have surged in popularity. Having formed in 2014 whilst still at high school, Parcels originate from the quiet suburban town of Byron Bay. Today, the band is now based in Berlin, Germany.

The band consists of five members: Louise Swain and Patrick Hetherington both on keyboard, Noah Hill on bass, Anatole Serret on Drums and Jules Crommelin on guitar. Having made the transition to Europe, the band has spent the past five years playing across European countries.

One of their biggest achievements came in 2017 when this five-piece band collaborated with Daft Punk for their hit single ‘Overnight.’ Later that year in June, they performed at England’s huge Glastonbury Festival. Their first television appearance came in September of that same year when they were invited to perform on the American late-night talk show ‘Conan’ hosted by Conan O’Brien. Since then, the band has even participated in television interviews in France.

The band’s musical style is best described using a fresh blend from the past with their songs easily mixing in the vibe of the 70s. Notable bands that draw a comparison include Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, and The Beach Boys.

The genre for their music has been categorised as a mix between electro-pop and disco soul. The band cites playing a series of different genres of music before writing their own songs as a reason for such a unique sound. Currently, the band is signed to the French record label Kitsune.

As part of their warm-up tour, and return to Australia, Parcels played to a sell-out Sydney crowd of in the Metro theatre, just by Town Hall on George Street. Following their final rendition, the crowd ecstatically cheered for an encore which the band doesn’t usually play to which the band politely obliged and sung a riveting a-Capella. Songs from their concert include many of the well-known hits from their debut album such as Comedown, Lightenup, Withorwithout, Tape, Tieduprightnow, Bemyself and of course, Overnight.

Perhaps the best feature of their songs is the way the music blends together magically. Parcels know when to ramp the audience up and when to soothe them with a slower tune. On stage, their musical performance is brilliant with high energy dancing. The band has always emphasized fashion maintaining a smart classic look with tucked-in shirts and long flowing hair. To supplement the fandom of enthusiasts, Parcels have developed a Parcels Pop Up Shop in which t-shirts and other memorabilia items may be purchased.

Whilst touring Australia, Parcels will also participate in the 2019/2020 Falls Music and Arts Festival in Byron Bay. Many of the band members enjoy playing golf and have taken this opportunity to travel to the outer shire regions to the town of Mullumbimby.

It is likely that Parcels will continue to collaborate with other artists just like that have done in the past. The best indication of this is in their credit song with the Germany rapper Dean Dawson.

Throughout each of their concerts, Parcels has been supporting local musicians. Their Metro Theatre pre-concert performance featured the Aussie band Gauci which fuse together similar elemental styles whilst maintaining very hip and new age.

According to chill out radio station, most music fans have likely never seen Daft Punk live before. Parcels are as close as you can get. The atmosphere they create is electric. For an Aussie band, they have maintained their roots and continue to listen to many of the classic tunes that have inspired them to this day.

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