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Awesome Video Game Music Soundtrack: ‘AG Drive’




Awesome Video Game Music Soundtrack 'AG Drive'
Video game music can help create mood and even enhance gameplay. Here is the best example ‘AG Drive‘ by Airtunes Records. Different EDM musicians from Finland (Tommy Baynen, Markus Kaarlonen, Burt Kane, Tommi Salomaa, Little Bitchard) in collaboration with music producer Ari Pulkkinen have made this awesome mix of Electronica tunes.

Who is Ari Pulkkinen?

Known for his long career as a game music composer, Ari has composed and created sound designs for award-winning games such as Angry Birds, Resogun, Trine -series, Dead Nation, and Super Stardust HD. Now Ari has started his own AriTunes Records, a premium game music label with the goal to create hit music through games. Talented in many different music genres, he is ready for the big leagues

Listen to the lead single “Drive” by Ari Pulkkinen

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