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BAM! Batman Wears Sunglasses!



BAM! Batman Wears Sunglasses!If you live on this Earth, then chances are that you know who Batman is. He’s the ultimate superhero, with one of the most pronounced visual looks via his costume, extraordinary fighting abilities, a strong, established sense of morality, and a powerful motivation. Perhaps what makes Batman so endearing is his backstory. He witnessed the deaths of his parents at the hands of a mugger when he was a child. But instead of giving up on his life, he turned that tragedy into a positive force that would enable him to take on the criminal element and bring it down at his own risk so that no one else would have to suffer as he had. People cannot help but admire his indomitable, iron will. They marvel at all of the accessories and gadgetry that he employs to fulfill his life’s mission. Thus, he is a subject of much debate and discussion. So, let’s tackle a “What If” scenario with Batman and have some fun with it!

What if Batman wore sunglasses? What kind of sunglasses would he wear? Being a superhero, he would definitely choose top-notch sunglasses made of the finest materials available. They would also have to offer some kind of practical advantage when he’s at work. As Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne/Batman portrayal in The Dark Knight has proven, Ray-Ban sunglasses would work perfectly for Batman in his public persona as Bruce Wayne. Not only that, but they would also work wonders for him when he’s out fighting crime. The RB3183 in particular should do the trick. The frames are made of metal for strength and endurance, which goes very well with his physical attributes of the same. The lenses are made of a polycarbonate material, which is lightweight and offers great impact-resistance, adding to that crucial durability factor. Their absolutely complete protection from UV rays makes the sun one less thing for Batman to worry about in terms of blinding him or distracting him in some other way.

Additionally, the polycarbonate is available in a plethora of different lens designs, which means that they can be adapted if necessary for even greater capabilities in the field. Although they are lightweight and could be susceptible to falling off easier, the adjustable nose pads minimize the issue with their extra comfortability and endurance for a greater fit regardless of the situation. With frames and temples colored black, this is a natural fit for Batman’s extensive usage of dark colors, especially black, which aid with his stealth during the night. Ultimately, the RB3183 is the perfect pair of sunglasses for both Bruce Wayne and Batman with its fashionable, premier design and its many practical uses. These sunglasses will help you bond even more closely to and feel just like the Dark Knight himself!

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