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Basslager Interview 2015



is a young electronic music producer based in St. Louis, Missouri who specializes in creating intricate tracks with an emphasis on timbral, rhythmic, and melodic complexity. Recently, Basslager has primarily produced in the genres of trap and dubstep, while incorporating elements from neurohop, classical music, and heavy metal. Please read the interview below to know more about this talented artist.

1 – Is there a story behind your artistic name Basslager?

The logo, name, and pronunciation are all quite confusing, and I like it like that. The original idea was Bass, like low frequencies, and Lager, like a nice frothy beer; together they combine to equal frothy low end. However, while I had originally intended for the name to be pronounced like (base-lager), (bass-lager) has grown on me, because it has a little more tie to my country roots. At this point I don’t really care how people pronounce it. What’s more important to me is people recognizing my (hopefully) iconic logo.

2 – What genres of music do you produce? What’s your favorite?

I typically produce a blend of trap and dubstep, however, I have produced other genres. Within said sub genres, I try to focus heavily on melody and rhythmic complexity. I really enjoy the sound of classical instruments so I try to include those as much as possible.

Outside of what I produce, my favorite genres are electro-gaze, hardcore rap, and metal.

3 – What first got you interested in becoming a music producer?

I began playing instruments at the age of three, starting with the cello and then eventually picking up the piano and guitar. What really captivated my interest throughout my entire of playing music was writing my own songs. Several years ago, I bought a DAW and began messing around, trying to make my own creations. I used to use more live instruments, but as I’ve acquired more, better synthesizers, and have learned sound design, I prefer to create my own for my tracks.

4 – Do you see music production as a career or as a hobby? Why?

As much as I would love for music to be my career, I can’t support myself just doing it. That being said, music production as a hobby has evolved far more than I had ever expected it to. Right now I am in school, studying computer science and marketing, and I plan on working in a technology industry once I graduate.

5 – What are you inspired by?

I draw inspiration from a lot of random things. The other day I was at the dentist, getting a root canal after I broke my tooth playing rugby. Once I got back, I started designing a bass sound reminiscent of the feeling that I had when they were drilling into my tooth. I am also inspired by droning ambient noises, such as an airplane overhead, construction work outside my apartment, or noisy pipes in the wall.

6 – What’s the name of your latest single? Please tell us more about it. 

I’m most excited about a baroque period influenced dubstep titled “Bloody Murdah” track that I’m currently working on, featuring the rapper Mee. The track relies extensively on harpsichords and strings, and the song’s drop (according to what one friend told me) sounds like manic Pokemon battle. I’ll hopefully have it out soon, as I am in the final stages of mixing it down.

7 – What’s the worst thing a music critic has ever said about you?

I wouldn’t necessarily call soundclouders music critics, however I have gotten some humorous ones. My favorite was one “This is bad.. it sounds like you gave Will Ferrell a cowbell”.

8 – What is the most ridiculous business proposal you’ve had?

Earlier today I was given the option to turn $20 into $7 with no other side effects. While it does not pertain to music I found it to be a pretty absurd business proposition.

9 – What musical trend needs to die out?

Festival trap. That being said, I enjoy some, but so much sounds the same yet it keeps attracting so much attention.

10 – Do you feel the Internet is helping you as a music producer? How can we contact you on the World Wide Web? 

I don’t think I would have any support for my music without the Internet. I think it’s a priceless way to be able to meet and stay in touch with other producers and people in the industry, especially since I am living in a smaller city where the scene isn’t very large. My primary social media outlet is my Soundcloud, but I also have a Facebook, Twitter and Website.






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