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Be A Part of the Next Big Thing in EDM and Secure Your Subscription Now at a Deeply Discounted Pre-Sale Price



From the producers and the DJ’s, to the fans and the fanatics, from its PLUR moniker to the dance floors, EDM is more than a music genre it’s a way of life. Until now, there has not been one streaming music service that embodies or captures the essence of EDM. All that is going to change with GrooveFox.
Just launching their Kickstarter campaign, GrooveFox is going to put an end to all of our streaming music problems. Not finding the song you want on Spotify, or listening to EDM radio on Pandora and suddenly you are listening to Country Music. Or have your favorite track cut out on the drop because you have no service.
Dont you worry child, GrooveFox has a plan for you.
With the launch of their new “Hybrid” Streaming music platform GrooveFox will eradicate all of these problems and more. The best thing is, by being a part of this monumental moment, not only will you help bring this music and culture to millions of people, but also you will get amazing rewards doing it.

The first 100 people will get over a 50% discount.

So Be A Part of the next big thing in EDM and secure your GrooveFox premium subscription now.
Show the world what our music, people and culture are all about!

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