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Bear Who? Interview 2015



Bear Who? Interview 2015
Enjoy our interview with multi-talented artist Bear Who? to learn more about his way of thinking toward music in general: personal projects, influences, House/EDM industry, his favorite artists, and much more… You have to read the full interview below!

1 – Who is Bear Who? 

I will tell you what it’s not. It’s not new and it’s not driven by money. It’s a story that was laid out before I even knew what was happening. The life and sound picked me, not the other way around. I never had a choice and this Chicago teenager was caught in the middle of the great House Nation revolution of the 80’s. All I knew, did and lived was this music life. But … I’m not going there either. It’s the rare experiences that I’ve had from the DJ thing, the radio thing, the promoter thing, the record store thing, the label thing, the artist thing, the student thing. I’m a true product of my environment. That’s what you get. That’s the brand.

2 – Tell us about your about your newest EP project The Bochinche Era, the new label and Butta Up Music?

It’s a great time. My first official release The Bochinche Era on my own label Butta Up Music . Jack911 is the lead track off the ep. It’s a tribute to the original Chicago Jack sound. It’s fun and new jack house with that classic twist. I am very happy to be back dropping some dope tracks with cool vocals. There will be videos for each track. We need to be seen as well as heard.

Butta Up is an artist-based electronic label for now and tomorrow. It is everything I want it to be coming right out of Chicago where everything started. It’s going to be epic. All Butta Up music will be exclusively is available at

3 – What is the state of EDM music today?

EDM is what? “Electronic Dance Music” so today we have many forms. There is a false definition of what EDM is. House is Electronic Dance Music, it’s made electronically. The millennial definition is that sound you hear commercially. So that debate is neither here nor there. The industry is making more money now, newer avenues that didn’t exist without the internet including streaming, podcasts, social media and live events. People want the entertainment factor …the lights, the lasers, the festival feeling; it’s more like a circus. The crowds could care less if you are blending or if your programming is on point. They rather have cake thrown on them. That’s entertainment. Corporate knows that and it always happens. Disco, Rock and Hip hop went through it as well. It’s all part of the music biz. We saw this coming years ago. I don’t hate it, I embrace change.

4 – Who has been a mentor or an influence over the course of your career?

Many of my Chicago peers have been influences. From their creativity to the behind the scenes roles they play. Here are some of my influences Mr. Lee, Roy Davis Jr, Mike Dunn, Green Velvet, Louie Vega, Busy P. Some of my influences aren’t in the music business at all.

5 – What do you get adrenaline rush over DJing, producing, performing or acting?

Just being able to take care of business in any setting is my drug. DJing/performing live still gets me every time. Being able to perform your own track during a set is magic. I really love when the crowd recognizes the song and sing it with you. That is a priceless moment.

6 – Being from Chicago, is there a new House movement?

It’s exciting to see and hear the evolution of the sound. Chicago is crawling with talent, new ideas, events and the scene here never dies. It just gets bigger, younger and matures gracefully. This is the only place you can see the best talents in the world everyday of the week. I am very proud of my city.

7 – As a DJ, what are your top cities to spin?

My favorite stop so far has been London. It was a mind blowing experience. Spinning on the beach in San Juan Puerto Rico gets no better.WMC in Miami is amazing. A fully packed after hours in Chicago is the real deal. I have yet to make my Ibiza debut, so that’s one I’m looking forward to and I Love LA!

8 – What are your Top 5 producers of all-time?

That’s a trick question because there is no such thing. I love music, all types. Not just dance music but many genres. Some of my favs… not in any particular order: Armand Van Helden, J Dilla, MAW, Kanye West, Diplo, Malcolm McLaren, Rick Rubin, The Neptunes and Felix da Housecat.

9 – How do your remain creative amongst a plethora of innovative artist in the EDM industry?

I am surrounded by creativity. That’s what drives me. I can come up with 2-3 songs a day. I am inspired by sounds, songs, TV or just in conversation. I trust my own imagination after all that is what creativity is, imagination. I don’t get stuck listening to EDM, it’s not trustworthy. I’m a student and I love to challenge myself.

10 – What is your dream collaboration for as an artist?

I have had quite a few dream collaborations come true already. Even by just sharing the decks with some of my heroes in my career. In a current scenario, I would say; Major Lazer, Duck Sauce, Loco Dice and Chocolate Puma. I do love their style which is always new and creative.






The Bochinche Era on SoundCloud

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