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Bear Who? Releases The Bochinche Era EP



Bear Who? Releases The Bochinche Era EP
The Bochinche Era EP showcases a new era of EDM/Dance/House Music with 5 tracks courtesy of new label Butta Up Music launches November 1st, 2015!

When you are student of music, you become a master of the class. The evolving musical journey of world-renowned DJ, producer, actor and artist Bear Who? is about to start a new chapter with the Bochinche Era e.p. which will be released on November 1st, 2015 and will be exclusively available on

The Bochinche Era e.p. sonically will deliver an experience for enthusiasts who love the EDM/Dance and House while penetrating the clubs (domestically and internationally) and dominating the charts.

Edwin Rios aka Bear Who? is definitely the one-man brand with multiple personas from Fuzzy Cufflinxxx to Mr. Riddlz. Bear has maximized success so far with his vision by integrating swagger, innovation and identity to all of his projects.

Bochinche in Spanish means gossip and the term defines how the project will allow listeners to hear and spread the word on its potency. Bear Who? explains that The Bochinche Era will be the beginning of another dimension to his signature sound that fans will embrace from his brand new label Butta Up Music (BUM). Bear Who? not only will showcase his talents but will be the catalyst for new artists to feature new and fresh music in all genres especially EDM/Dance and House.

“House has evolved and as artists we must evolve as well. We are the movers and shakers of the sound. I’m not afraid of taking chances.”

The e.p. written, produced, created and performed by Bear Who?, consists of 5 pulsating and rhythmic tracks Jack 911, Jack 911 Dub, Vibrate, Vibrate Dub Mix and Oso De Amor which will be exclusively available on

Currently, Bear Who? is in the studio working with some industry legends on surprise remixes. He continues to expand his brand by being fearless, innovative and unique by entertaining the masses.

About Bear Who?:

Chicago native, Bear Who? is a recognized DJ, actor, artist, remixer and entrepreneur. People identify the name along with the biggest DJ’s on the planet. His influences range in the producer and artist realm includes: The Jungle Brothers, N.E.R.D., Green Velvet, The Time, Adam Ant, Daft Punk, Willie Colon and Masters at Work. Bear has created remixes for Grammy-award winning artists Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child (Stole) and neo-soul superstar Jill Scott (Hate On Me) which has propelled Bear to the ultimate remixer status.

Bear Who? had a cameo in the Chicago-shot movie Nothing Like The Holidays (Overture Films) starring: Freddy Rodriguez, John Leguizamo, Debra Messing, Louis Guzman, Alfredo Molina, Elizabeth Pena and Jay Hernandez. The film was shot entirely in Bear’s old neighborhood of Humboldt Park where he had a cameo feature.

For more information on the Bear Who? including booking info, Media (Music & Videos), Discography and more!, please visit




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