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BEAUZ Create Dance-Pop Version Of Mike Posner’s “Please Don’t Go”



BEAUZ Create Dance-Pop Version Of Mike Posner's "Please Don’t Go"
Mike Posner’s “Please Don’t Go” gets a remake by the American production duo BEAUZ. Sometimes, artists are afraid to give new life to classics, but in this case, the outcome is quite favorable. Perhaps, you may wonder what’s so original on this cover. Well, I would praise the new female vocals from Cappa and its poppy flair to it. Add to this, their signature oriental-esque sounds, plus, taking the original into a Brazilian bass house zone. Therefore, they’re injecting a different kind of energy, which emerges as something innovative in a positive way. Give it a try below.

From the very start of their artistic careers, BEAUZ took Avicii’s work not only as their source of inspiration but also as a reference for their upcoming dancey gems. On a side note, the brothers gained popularity via YouTube by sharing tutorials and authentic productions with millions of viewers from all over the world. Nowadays, they never tire of performing their live DJ sets at large festivals and will surely continue redefining the future of EDM on the go!



By Erick Ycaza

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