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Benefit Of Wheel Spacers And Adapters



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Welcome to the realm of car customization and all things automotive. For most of us, the first modification to our cars happens at the wheels. A great stance and the right set of rims will undoubtedly transform the look of your car. But what do you do if the wheels you have selected rub on the inner fenders while you are driving? Perhaps you have found the perfect rims for your ride but the bolt patterns do not match. Let me explain to you the benefit of wheel spacers and adapters.

What are the Benefit’s of Wheel Spacers and Adapters

They are exactly what they sound like. Wheel spacers are used to solve wheel fitment issues and allow you to use bigger tires that would not normally fit your car. Basically, spacers allow you to customize the offset of your rims without the cost of extensive fabrication. Wheel spacers simply bolt to the wheel hub and then the rim goes over the spacer and bolts into the spacer as it normally would on the hub. They come in a variety of sizes that will enable you to not only utilize all of the space in your wheel well with a massive tire but will give you the custom look that your car desperately needs.

Wheel Spacer Function

Wheel spacers are not just for looks. By using wheel spacers, the track of your car will widen thus giving you better traction and handling from your vehicle. Many off-road aficionados use wheel spacers on their truck because they have issues fitting the 32-inch mud bogs underneath their stock Ford Ranger. Before even mounting the tires, you will realize that your massive tires will rub on the inner fenders during every turn. A set of spacers will give the distance needed to give your rims full fitment without issues. Although your tires may be sticking out from under the outer fenders a bit, that’s the look we are going for anyway.

Track and street cars use wheel spacers in an attempt to gain more traction by widening the wheel track of the car. This works by reducing the load transfer in turns and results in less body roll and quicker lap times. Wheel spacers also work well if you are trying to fit an aftermarket big brake kit on your car. The wheel spacer will allow you to change the offset of your wheel thus giving you the clearance needed for your brake kit.

What is a Wheel Adapter?

Similar to a spacer, an adapter fits onto the wheel hub and allows you to change your vehicle’s bolt pattern. Most adapters come in a variety of dimensions and can also be used as spacers. Perhaps you would like to swap your BMW rims for Audi rims but the bolt patterns are different. A wheel adapter is a perfect solution for all of your wheel swapping needs. Adapters can be made to fit any vehicle and will allow your vehicle to adapt to a wide variety of bolt patterns and rim sizes. The major difference between spacers and adapters is that adapters allow you to change your bolt pattern while spacers utilize the factory pattern.

Now that you know the benefit of wheel spacers and adapters, you will be able to determine which setup is right for your ride. If you are looking to fit a factory rim with a bigger tire, a wheel spacer should suit your needs. However, if you want an aftermarket rim or rim from a different make and model that has a different bolt pattern, an adapter is your best bet. You simply cannot go wrong with a wheel spacer or adapter. They are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to modify your vehicle’s look and performance.

By Erick Ycaza

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