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Best Halloween Songs 2023 Made For Electro-Pop Lovers



Best Halloween Songs 2023
The spooky night is almost here and Electro-Pop lovers have much to celebrate! Discover the best Halloween songs 2023, this year some of the fast-rising names in the genre have dropped spine-tingling new singles perfect for your playlist.

So as the moon rises high on All Hallows’ Eve, turn up any of these thrilling new Electro-Pop tracks to get your screams, shrieks, and dance moves ready for a night not soon forgotten.

Swiss duo Martin Brothers surprised listeners with the unexpected release of “Paralyzed. Furthermore, this jam not only evokes memories of the iconic opening sound from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” but also embraces the bold retro direction of today’s chart-topper The Weeknd. These guys have a talent for channeling inspiration into something fresh yet familiar.

The Swedish vocalist Tom Hamstrom captured the cheesiness and allure that turned 1980s vampire films into a Halloween tradition of yesteryears through his music video. The super catchy chorus and the vintage melodies of “Dancing In The Shadows” make this tune deserve to win a Grammy despite being underrated. Nevertheless, it has accumulated over 200,000 streams on Spotify this year.

Everyone is buzzing with excitement over this collaboration between synth maestros Kendal and David Carretta. Their joint single “Creature” showcases both artists’ skills for crafting hypnotic soundscapes that feel decidedly nostalgic yet new. Adding an extra layer of intrigue, the lyrics were penned in French, and the visuals give off that Twin Peaks and X-Files kind of vibe.

Needless to say, I can confirm these are the best Halloween songs 2023. Now go forth, and get those headphones on. The witching hour awaits, and what better way to ring it in than with eerie Electro-Pop blasting! Boo and be well…



By Erick Ycaza

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