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Best Music For Smoking Cigars



Smoking Cigars
Music and cigars go hand in hand, but finding the right music to pair with your cigar smoking experience can be challenging, especially if you are new to that world. You probably have the best cigars, cutter, lighter and electronic humidor but do you have the best music? Luckily, the music you conform to has much to do about your preferences and personalities than what is cast on stone as far as cigars and music pair.

If you are looking for music to listen to when smoking cigars and sparking conversations with your buddies, this article will guide you on a few genres you can consider. Each has its feel but can be paired with another to match the mood and environment.


Nothing describes mellow Sunday mornings more than a Jazz playlist and a cigar on hand. Jazz has been a favorite genre for many, and cigar lovers agree that it pairs pretty well. The high tones of Jazz music heighten senses and give you more freedom to hear things.

Starting with a Jazz playlist and a few cigars at arm’s reach will have Sunday go on and on. This will spark exciting conversations if hanging out with friends while enjoying classical music that never gets old.

Jazz is broad, but if you enjoy it already, it can be easy to pick favorites to listen to when smoking a cigar. Artists like John Coltrane and Herb Alpert have a fantastic collection of gentle Jazz to spice up your Sundays while enjoying a classic cool cigar.


What about a Friday night funk experience with your cigar? Funk music is enjoyable for different settings but particularly energetic for experiences with cigar lovers. The slowness of soul music and the rhythm of blues matches perfectly on calm Friday nights alongside a cool drink.

Funk combines the energy of traditional jazz music with rhythmic guitars and drums with electronic beats and keyboard instruments. It is a high-energy genre that matches nights out with friends smoking cigars and taking a break to sip a cool drink.

Country and Rockabilly

Country music and barbecues will have you bring your cigar along. There is something about the energetic vibe of country music and the calm, collected vibe of hanging out with friends as you turn briskets on the grill.

A little Rockabilly in the county playlist will add a little heat as the day comes to a close, introducing chill vibes perfect for smoking cigars. This, a chunk of perfectly grilled meat, a drink, and a cool cigar, is an ideal description of a fantastic evening.

Rock and Roll

Rock music fans will agree that it matches any vibe, whether it is about drinking expeditions or having calm, cigar-smoking experiences with friends. Whatever your rock music playlist looks like, you can be sure to enjoy the high-energy tunes as you wind down with a cool cigar.

These music genres are some of the best for smoking cigars. However, what you may like can be different from another individual, therefore, a variation in taste. Ultimately, as long as the music matches up to your energy smoking cigars, then it will be worthwhile.

By Erick Ycaza

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.