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Watch Now: Big Bus Dream Share New Lyric Video For “Operator”



From topping multiple charts to being featured on MTV’s Pimp My Ride, Big Bus Dream will capture your interest. Don’t miss out on the chance to hear acoustic guitar sounds and a poetic style of songwriting.

Mike Shannon, the mastermind behind “Operator” describes the new song as an uncomfortable conversation with God while hitting rock bottom. A straight-up rocker that vents out his emotions as the desperate darkness doesn’t find the light. 

On the whole, it’s really cool to have that kind of creative freedom and be able to transform all your past hurdles into pieces of art. As I  see it, bittersweet lyricism with immaculate vocals to match.

Big Bus Dream

By the same token, “Operator” feels like a modern-day version of any of those classics circa the late-’60s. If you close your eyes musical memories about The Mamas and the Papa can easily manifest.

Actually, this is the second single which forms part of the album, ‘Giant In My Mind,’ a 35-minute journey in regard to reflections on life’s obstacles.  When I first heard the record, I loved it for its simplicity, smooth arrangements, and genuine compositions.

Many people feel stuck from time to time, so here you got something relatable to help you cope in challenging times. All the answers you need are inside of you, and this gem from Big Bus Dream serves as inspiration for listeners.



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