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WATCH: Bishop Caught Raving Hard To Alisa Fox’s “Freedom”



From the moment the first beat hits, Alisa Fox’s new track “Freedom” commands your body to rave hard. To such an extent, this Techno masterpiece prompts a peculiar bishop to break out in dance as demonstrated in the music video.

Additionally, in the visuals, the whole club transforms into what the Vatican or the Pope would call a holy rave. Amen!

While this tune plays on, you’ll notice the synths and percussion getting stronger, creating a sense of ecstasy that eventually leads to an explosion of frenzied beats. Furthermore, “Freedom” lives up to its name by allowing party animals to escape from the constraints of everyday life and experience a mood of liberation.

Alisa Fox

It’s impressive how the melody is straightforward but effective, taking you on a progressive journey with several twists and turns. That is not to forget the hard-hitting bassline establishes a steady pace from start to end.

Pumping fists and jumping with joy is inevitable when listening to “Freedom.” No doubt, it was designed to keep you grooving non-stop.

Beyond everything, Alisa Fox as a German female producer and DJ contributes to the diversity, creativity, and growth of the genre. Her success can serve as an inspiration, empowering more women to enter and thrive in the industry.



By Erick Ycaza

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