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BitTorrent’s New Plan To Pay Musicians For Downloaded Music Without Charging Users



BitTorrent Inc., the parent company of the popular BitTorrent client uTorrent, starts a new series of experiments today in which it will help artists monetize the BitTorrent ecosystem. The company has partnered with the legendary DJ Shadow who agreed to give away exclusive content to BitTorrent users. The free content bundle includes software from advertisers, allowing the artist and BitTorrent to generate revenue from users who opt to install it.
The idea is simple. BitTorrent Inc. helps artists to promote a bundle of free content to their 150 million users. This bundle includes a piece of sponsored software such as a media player or anti-virus package that can be installed as an option. When a user installs the free software, both the artist and BitTorrent get a cut of the proceeds.
With this model, BitTorrent Inc. hopes to add a lucrative revenue stream for artists while giving users more access to free content. DJ Shadow has become the first artist to accept this marketing strategy which is part of the new digital world.

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