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Body Painting Parties, A New Global Trend!



body painting partiesThose for whom standard clubbing has become so passé, or for anyone looking to combine their artistic talents with alcohol and a touch of voyeurism, there is a new trend about to hit the international clubbing scene.

Coming from the US, Nude Body Painting involves a club night where you turn up, strip down, and proceed to both dance, drink and paint each other’s naked bodies with UV paint.

While the more body conscious, or simply those who shudder at the thought of twerking naked, will be relieved to hear that getting down to the buff is not mandatory, Nude Body Painting is definitely not a night for wall flowers.

body paint party

The first UK party, which is to be held in London on May 25th, is set to feature feature electric, bizarre colours and décor, Deep House and circus performers as well as the 300 naked revellers.

A concept devised by Social Exposure, a New York City-based avant-garde events company, the events have been a massive success state-side and across the world, drawing hundreds of eager thrill seekers in New York, Mexico and Miami.

body painting

As well as a chance to bare it all and network outside the box the idea of the nights is to ‘celebrate inner beauty, positive body image and unity through the arts’, with the energy at the painting parties can be best described as The Full Moon Parties in Thailand meets Art Basel.

The rules for these eccentric parties are things such as ‘No inappropriate behaviour’ and ‘respect each others privacy and bodies’.

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