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Body Positivity In Action: Music Video Reveals Big Guy’s Dance Talent



Leading the body positivity movement through music, Ultra Records and Boris Way have dropped an inspirational new music video celebrating inner beauty, self-acceptance, and dance without limits. Featuring a plus-size performer showing off his impressive moves to the feel-good jam “People Love, this motivational clip spreads an important message of inclusion through pure joy in motion.

Defying Norms and Stereotypes

The visuals spotlight a big guy’s enthusiastic and uninhibited dance skills, a display of confidence that would wow even the most seasoned dancer.

Flowing seamlessly to the EDM beats and bouncing with positivity, his contagious energy and smile radiate self-love despite society’s unrealistic ideals. Additionally, in a world still struggling with fatphobia, the dancer serves as a role model, proving talent has no size or shape and authentic self-expression empowers.

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Ultra Records’ Legacy in Dance Music

Ultra Records, known for championing underground dance music worldwide since 1995, now leads the electronic music scene in supporting diversity and body acceptance. Indeed, “People Love” spreads their inclusive mission, reminding listeners that what truly matters most is how we treat one another, with kindness, compassion, and respect for our shared humanity.

Dancing Without Inhibition

Of course, this upbeat tune and its motivational music video are sure to enter lists of impactful body-positive songs of the year.

Uplifting audiences everywhere with its simple message of inner worth and dance without worry, “People Love” offers just what we need, a reminder to love ourselves and celebrate our differences.



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