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Breaking Down The EDM Lyrics Of “GLOW” By San Holo & Au/Ra



Au/Ra contributes the vocals and EDM lyrics to “GLOW,the hottest jam by the incomparable San Holo. After completing his recent tour, he expressed gratitude to his fans for the energy they brought to each show through this release.

What EDM Lyrics Typically Share

What do EDM lyrics usually have in common? Well for one, they’re meant to get you hyped up and dancing. But the best ones also share deeper messages that really resonate. And that’s definitely what San Holo and Au/Ra achieved with “GLOW.”

Analyzing the Meaningful Lyrics

These lyrics are basically a reminder for all of us that even when life gets dark and things seem bleak, there’s always an inner light inside waiting to shine through. We all have those tough moments where we feel lost or hurt but we’re never truly alone.

And analyzing some of the best lines from “GLOW” really drives that message home.

edm lyrics
The Powerful First Verse

Take this first verse for example: “Lost you in a blur / Wash away the haze.” Doesn’t that just capture the feeling of being so overwhelmed everything’s a blur? But then it says “Wash away the haze” – leaving the impression that the fog will lift and things will become clearer.

Even in the grayest of times, there are still hints of vivid color all around, reminding you brighter days are ahead.

The Message of Overcoming Darkness

The verses continue illustrating with striking clarity about overcoming darkness with light. From “Lilac energy” to “I wanna see you glow,  it’s all about finding the power within to radiantly shine no matter what life throws at you.

And the message is driven home in the final chorus of “You’re not alone / I see your glow.”

Overall, the EDM lyrics of “GLOW” by San Holo and Au/Ra are concise and super meaningful. It’s always great to see top producers putting out tracks with such positive messages.

I’m sure it’ll be a memorable composition that keeps fans glowing for seasons to come!



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