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Broken Centrifuge Interview 2015



Broken Centrifuge Interview 2015
Broken Centrifuge
official release on Reveller Records is getting close! Meanwhile you can read the interview below and discover more about this talented electronic musician. He is one of the best producers in Slovenia, and if you are a fan of Progressive music you will find his music interesting too!

1 – Why you choose “Broken Centrifuge” as your artistic name?

At first, I wanted to use “Tension” as my stage name, but that was already in action on at least two parts of the world, so I started searching for a more unique name. Then, I’ve shown a few of my tracks to a friend, who said my music sounds like a “broken centrifuge”. I started using it as my artistic name, Well, a Chinese medical company that manufactures laboratory centrifuges contacted me on Skype, I guess they thought my Skype name “Broken Centrifuge” meant I was looking for a replacement centrifuge. After that, it was a done deal for me. Using the name….. NOT getting the centrifuges.

2 – Tell us about your journey towards becoming a Producer.

I can recall in my early youth, members of the family played accordion, zither… I had a brief experience (or rather experiments) with those, a bit later I got my first electric guitar. After a few years of tinkering on solo projects and playing in a band (that never performed live though), I decided to try connecting my two “loves”, computers and music, at the beginning of the 21st century. Soon after I got my first legal music production suite, and the rest is still happening as we speak.

3 – What percentage of your days is devoted to music?

I’d say most of my day, but never zero, can’t recall a day when I was home and I wouldn’t touch or tweak one of my tracks.

4 – Do you prefer working alone or collaborating with others?

I actually prefer working alone, but I’m not against collabs, just never really got there.

5 – What inspired you to produce your new track “Hack”?

It was a way of saying thanks to my wonderful friend, Sky, who gave me a big push from my then “fake-comfort zone”, and made me explore some new grounds and sounds in musical production. This newly found ground and sound is what produced Dope Kids — which is part 2 of this EP series.

6 – Did you record this in your own studio?

Yes. Everything stems from my ad-hoc studio in my residence.

7 – In what cities have you performed as a Producer/DJ?

I performed in the close vicinity of my hometown, Lendava, with performances in clubs and on a festival called Open Smile Jam, where I DJ’d twice in three days.

8 – Do you have a formal music production education?

I have no formal musical production education, just a decade of experimenting, tuning my sounds and forming my musical arrangements.

9 – What’s the most difficult part of producing a song?

For me, it’s deciding wether the track I’m working on is finished. Producers can almost always find a moment in a song that could be altered or removed. Persuading myself that nothing needs to be changed or deleted is one of the hardest things I’ve done.

10 – What are your top 3 favorite songs or your go to tracks?

It’s hard to find just three tracks, but these were always high up my ladder: 
Chase & Status – Blind Faith; Halves – Mindslip; Noisia – Block Control.

By Erick Ycaza

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