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Caleb Huntsberry Discusses “Be-otch Be Gone,” Prod. By Rinaldo Montezz



Rinaldo Montezz
In our recent interview, singer-songwriter Caleb Huntsberry reveals all the details of his new adventure in the House music scene. “Be-otch Be Gone” produced by European producer Rinaldo Montezz, is one of those upbeat party jams not to be missed. After several years of working together, these artists promise more surprises coming your way. Scroll down to learn more about it.   

1 — Can you give a short description of your new single “Be-otch Be Gone”?

It definitely will have you dancing and laughing. Well, I just wanted this COVID-19 and PANDEMIC to go away. And I didn’t really want to curse, so BE-OTCH was better than BITCH. 🤣

2 — Besides making music, how do you stay positive during the COVID-19 pandemic?  

Honestly, my mother keeps me going I’m her caregiver, and my boyfriend Hank Jones sometimes gives me new ideas for me and my Band Muzik Box this is my second solo single.

3 — What is cool about working together with DJ/producer Rinaldo Montezz?

Wow Rinaldo Montezz is just a FABULOUS DJ and PRODUCER and FRIEND. Myself and Muzik Box love him, he totally gets our style and it’s very easy to work with.

4 — Was it difficult to produce this song in the midst of a lockdown?  

Actually, no, Rinaldo Montezz saw me acting silly one day on my Facebook page and said let’s do a song to this. And that day Rinaldo Montezz sent me music to practice, and I did a test run for him and the rest is history.

5 – Why do think people love that upbeat House vibe in your songs? Who are your main influences?

Well, Rinaldo Montezz has great taste in sounds and beats, so it was his creative mind on the music. But as you know, I play in Muzik Box and we get really funky when we do our own unique sounds. But it was so nice just to sit back and do lyrics for this project. Some of my main influences are Black Eyed Peas, The Shapeshifters, Pepper Mashay, Jeanie Tracy, Michelle Howard Huntsberry, Amber, Weeks, Barbara Tucker, Janet, Jody Watley, Soul II Soul, etc.

6 – Please tell us more about the creative process behind the “Be-otch Be Gone” music video.

We had to be creative and go over the top with this. Not “an artist in front of a green screen video” and go. But due to travel restrictions, we had to be super imaginative. With one artist in the USA and the other one in the Netherlands, technology became our best friend. Rinaldo asked Caleb to record himself singing the song and also asked a good friend DeeDee to participate. They both did and send the footage they made to Rinaldo Montezz, not knowing what the end product would look like. Then Rinaldo got the idea of an overwhelming advert campaign for this product, the “Be-otch be Gone” spray. Making it as “real-looking” as possible. We think it worked out well.

7 – Was it filmed in Miami? Who directed it?

It was created and directed by no other than RINALDO MONTEZZ. He also has a background in doing video productions. And also making you think you’re in Miami with the video.

8 – Are you still active with your side project Muzik Box?

Yes actually MUZIK BOX is my FULLTIME project and my SOLO projects are part-time still very active with Muzik Box we will be going back into the studio later this year. Maybe to do a Remix of our old Latin Hip-Hop track we did back in the day called “Don’t Come Back To Me,” our first single ever. And maybe another track that I’ve been working on called “Fire And Ice,” which will be very Deep House and have everyone saying, wow I didn’t know they had that gospel-sounding voices. Also, I will be writing a track for my good friend Pepper Mashay and see if she likes it, once I get back to my studio 🎙 in Clearlake sometime this year.

9 – Any new releases coming up in the next months? 

Maybe once the studio is clear to go back into it might be one of the two tracks “Don’t Come Back To Me” and “Fire And Ice.”

10 – Finally, what keeps you motivated in the music world?

Family and good friends like you and Rinaldo Montezz and the fans.


Rinaldo Montezz

Caleb Huntsberry

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