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Can Music Help Students With Their Educational Process?



Undoubtedly, music can have a positive effect on the learning process. This post proves the effectiveness of music classes and special programs at the school.

music helpMusic Can Improve Your Academic Performance

How does music affect learning? Most people treat music and cinematography as entertainment. While some teens listen to song records just for fun, others find something helpful for their learning in particular compositions.

Research published by Christopher Johnson, professor of music studies and therapy at the University of Kansas, proved that students who used to attend music class and scored high in them tend to perform 22% better in English composition and standardized math tests. Students who refused to take music lessons, correspondingly, show lower results on the same control quizzes. Students who study at schools that offer low-quality music classes or no music programs at all report lower motivation to study other subjects. Many youngsters who tend to do their homework accompanied by the music playing in the background show better results than those who prefer silence.

Concentration-Based Practice

The point is that music programs train student’s concentration which is necessary to succeed in subjects like math or history. It helps them remain focused when taking their tests.

In most cases, Johnson notices that the earlier a student starts learning music as a subject, the better outcomes will be achieved. Just like studying a foreign language, human brain memorizes information better at the early stage of life. Apart from the music lessons, experts recommend attending arts to improve concentration as well.

music learning
Music also plays a vital role in developing the creativity of a student. That is what every student needs to possess in order to compose various types of essays for English composition and other classes.

Improved Memory

Speaking of the effects of music on learning, focus-based assignments aimed to train concentration are not the only benefit of attending music programs and listening to music while studying. One more advantage is a memory recall. Music lessons help to improve memory and remember things from the first sight/listening. A verbal recall proficiency is just as important for the education as the ability to concentrate on a single subject. Students who train to remember lyrics and tunes can later memorize any sort of information with ease. It will be enough for them to listen to the tutor in class to reproduce the information later at any moment. The way music impacts our memory is covered in details in this study.

Playing A Musical Instrument Is Good For Your BrainEffective Pain Treatment?

Let’s pretend that you are the main hope of your high school’s baseball team, and you’re playing in the last game of the season. Excited at the prospect of winning, you play all of your best moves, and, all of a sudden, you sprain your ankle landing a slam dunk. Later, when you’re supposed to study for your exams, you cannot concentrate no matter how hard you try — and all because of that annoying and distracting injury and all the pain it causes.

You may wonder how music can solve this problem. If you believe that music will be another obstacle while doing your homework, just try to turn it on first. Solid scientific magazines proved that relaxing music has enough power to ease the pain. Healthcare professionals recommend music therapy to minimize it. Such fields as geriatric care, intensive care, and palliative medicine perceive music as an effective treatment.

music study
Despite the stereotypes that only classical music can help to focus and study, many students reported that their favorite pop or hard rock songs inspired them as well. Mind the noise level, and you’ll see how it works!

Cognitive Performance and Emotional State

On the whole, music and learning can and should coexist. This type of art improves cognitive performance, and that is what makes the human brain work! Of course, it depends on the genre and specific song that you prefer to use for focusing. It also depends on the noise level. However, scientists still managed to prove that college applicants used to handle more test questions in the time allotted when having some classical music playing in the background. Except for the cognitive function, particular tracks can improve the emotional state. Thus, thanks to the music, even the most irritated or stressed test takers did their best — it helped them to overcome negative thoughts and emotions.

music positive effects
To sum up, music has numerous positive effects on academic performance and students’ emotional and physical health!

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