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Can We Please Talk About The Captivating Singing Voice Of Franz Black?



Franz Black
Franz Black
has a captivating singing voice worth praising. Believe it or not, the London-based artist has been doing music from the age of 6. Add to this, a successful 40-year trajectory performing at different stages.

Particularly, the passionate vocal performance on his newest song “Anything” will engage all your senses. Writing and producing are also remarkable skills that lead him to express emotions of love and loneliness in perfect harmony.

The incredible piano keys and looped drum beats create an irresistible melody soothing to the ears. Moreover, the heart-touching lyrics of “Anything” tell a story that refuses to give up on romance.

Hit the play button and enjoy a listening experience beyond the reach of words.

Basically, everything seems to be in flawless sync.

As time passed by, Franz Black has gained confidence in his ability to use a proper tone to such a degree it’s easy to feel what’s he’s singing.

In the same fashion, he pours his soul into his compositions to make them more appealing and succumb your mind. Consequently, he allows his crystal clear voice to soar.

Among other things, through “Anything” he has churned out breathtaking effects with a touch of elegance like those classic Pop hits you used to hear on the radio.

Perhaps, if you’re into Santana. Sting, Stevie Wonder, or Michael Jackson, then you will find a lot of similarities here.



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