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Car Accident Attorney In Orange County, CA



Car Accident Attorney In Orange County, CA
The lawyers who handle the cases of car accidents are known as Car Accident Attorneys. As you know, Orange Country is the one the famous countries of California where many people get rid of car accidents. So, the basic need is always to find the best lawyer who may support them in such accident cases. It is for sure compulsory to choose someone who has bright experience and positive reviews from other clients.

Here we will discuss the top car accident attorneys in orange county, CA. The mentioned lawyers have much experience in the field of Law and show interest in cases for their clients.

Frank Nicholas:

Frank Nicholas is one of the best and famous car accident lawyers in Orange County, CA. They handle all types of road accident cases like as car accidents, truck accidents, and many more. Many people give positive reviews for Frank because they work properly and show their interest in cases for clients. Their average rating in Orange County is 10.0 due to their kind and polite behavior. They have 35 years’ experience in the field of Law and getting success in all cases. They are kind professionals and clients are getting successes in car accident cases due to their hard work.

car accident
Woods Williford:

Woods Willford is considered as second-best car accident lawyer serving Orange County, CA. They also have a broad knowledge of Law, so that’s why they got success in most of the cases. They handle car accidents, and their car accidents attorney fee is free for their clients. They already have many clients from Orange County who always recommend others around them for similar car accident cases with positive reviews for them. They have more than 25 years of experience in this field. They are famous in CA due to their kind behavior with their clients. Their average rating in Orange County, CA is 9.9.

Pheffer Law:

Pheffer is in Car Accidents Attorney Orange County CA, who is serving this country for many years. He and his company specially handle Motor vehicles accidents cases with interest. Pheffer has bright experience in this field of law and has got success in many cases. Clients are also pleased due to his dear efforts and interest for clients. Many clients give positive reviews for them as a company and say that “They have kind behavior and work with interest for clients.” Their average rating in Orange County, CA is 9.9 due to their best working style.

Geoff Rill:

Geoff Rill has many years’ experience in law and serving the clients of Orange County, CA at his best. They as a company have many clients and are working for them perfectly. Clients are delighted due to their hard work in car accident cases and their good behavior with their clients. They handle the cases of car accidents and motor accidents. They don’t charge car accident attorney fees for their work. They are very polite with their clients, and that’s the reason their clients give positive reviews for them. Their average rating is 10.0 in Orange County, CA.

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5 Tips To Learn Playing Drums Without The Drum Set



5 Tips To Learn Playing Drums Without The Drum Set

© [Tatomm] /Adobe Stock

Drumming beginners are not always ready to invest big funds in the purchase of a drum kit. And that’s ok because the lack of a real set wouldn’t stop your progress. Just turn your imagination on! In this article, I will give you five methods to practice drums almost everywhere.

How Does It Work?

Of course, you can just get a full drum set and even the best drum throne to feel yourself like a real rock star on a live performance. But let me teach you some basics that will save you time and money.

© [Africa Studio] /Adobe Stock

Drum practicing consists of two main elements:

● The development of coordination and muscle memory.
This means that you have to learn to move your limbs at different times, with different speeds and intensities.
● The development of a sense of rhythm.

Neither your brain nor your muscles care whether you play real drums or, for example, pillows. You will remember the movement anyway.


Take a pillow and a pair of drumsticks and start practicing rudiments just like you do on a pad in a music school. The presence of real sticks here is important since you must keep them strictly in the same grip that you will use when playing the drum kit.

© [Bennnn] /Adobe Stock

Besides the fact that this method is 100 percent portable, due to it, you will get an advantage over drummers who work only on a real drum set. Actually, the pillow is much softer than the surface of the drum, so it gives less rebound. It means that after each stroke, your muscles will also have to raise the stick.

At first, it will be challenging to do this exercise, but that’s what is called practice. But then, returning to the drum kit with much higher rebound strength, it will be easier for you to develop the speed of the rhythm.

Imaginary drums

For each drummer, beginner or experienced, there are times when they begin to “drum” through the air to the beat of the song they liked. In fact, this activity is not just a fun game. As mentioned above, your muscles do not know which object the movement is directed to. The main thing is the movement itself. So just take any part from the song you are learning, visualize where the parts of your set are, and play it.

The key point in training on imaginary drums is that you should try to clearly repeat the movements, as when playing on a real kit. If you imagine that you play a hi-hat, then your hand at this moment should be at the same point in the air where the real plate is. If you still doubt the effectiveness of this method, watch some Youtube videos where musicians are practicing this method too.


This method involves playing on the hard surface, so it will be easier for you to imagine as you play on a real drum set. However, concerning the direction of action, it is more similar to the pillow method described above. Playing on the floor develops muscle memory, and also gives an advantage when switching to a drum kit. The floor does not have such a strong rebound as the pedals on the installation, so you will begin to feel the muscles of your lower leg in a few minutes of training. Such rehearsals will help you increase the speed of the performance significantly.

© [Mraoraor] /Adobe Stock

Clapping hands

Unlike previous methods, this one is aimed not to develop muscle memory, but to improve the accuracy and sense of rhythm. Clapping your hands is a simple task that allows you to concentrate on getting into duration fully. In some music schools, children practice this way for up to six months before they first sit down to play at least the snare drum, not even the whole set.

Training pad

Pillows, imagination, and playing on the ground are no doubt cool and effective methods. But if you want something more drum-likely, consider buying a training drum pad. As a rule, this device imitates a snare drum; therefore, it is most convenient to practice the basics on it. The pad can be purchased at any music store, there are hundreds of models and configurations: with a built-in metronome, with a stand or a special mount.

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Keeping The Voice Healthy Like MJ: Seth Riggs Shows Us Why Vocal Health Is Essential



Keeping The Voice Healthy Like MJ: Seth Riggs Shows Us Why Vocal Health Is Essential
Yes, even the late, great Michael Jackson took singing lessons from a voice coach, and his name was Seth Riggs. Michael Jackson, though talented, was known for making sure to always properly warm-up and train his voice before he performed, much like many famous singers you know. Their voices don’t just “happen.” The most famous singers out there realize the importance of vocal health.

But, what is vocal health, really?

The Riggs’ Vocal Studio is well-renowned as “Singing for the Stars” where you would be introduced to what is called ‘Speech-Level Singing.’ Basically, it’s a way to keep the voice healthy and warmed up consistently not only for singing but for anyone who uses their voice frequently, so they don’t ever have to strain or hurt their voice. If you want to get serious about singing, vocal health should be a priority for you.

Anyone who uses their voice a lot should practice proper vocal health, not even just singers, but this reaches even public speakers, teachers, and TV hosts, who also practice keeping their voice healthy. This is so that the voice continues to be in good shape, and you have fewer bouts of losing your voice, straining your voice, or worse, damaging your vocal cords.

When the Voice Becomes Problematic

Usually, you can tell when your voice is having problems. If the pitch or tone of the voice draws more attention then what the singer is singing about, that’s a sure-fire sign that you’re having issues with your voice health. One of the best ways to address keeping your voice healthy as a singer is knowing when to identify that it’s NOT at its best.

Here are a few causes of vocal issues:
Built-up mucus in the throat due to sickness or cold
Dry air and no lubrication in the vocal folds
Overuse or misuse of the voice – this could be due to too much use or doing things like screaming, cheering loudly, or repeated throat clearing/coughing.
Acid reflux build-up
Swollen or stiff vocal cords

Vocal Health Solutions

You should know that there are many ways to treat vocal issues, and if you are very concerned about your voice you should always seek the advice of a doctor. Some of the best ways to help with keeping the voice health are outlined below:

Take Voice Lessons

One of the best ways to make sure you are practicing healthy vocal technique is simply by taking singing lessons. If you are serious about singing in any way, you need to be studying with a voice coach. For example, if you’re an aspiring Broadway actor living in the Big Apple, you can take private NYC-based singing classes to learn proper vocal health and master singing techniques rooted in how to stay healthy as a singer.

Speech-Level Singing

Seth Riggs stresses that one way to do this is through his method of Speech Level Singing, which is an absolute refusal to reach for any pitch. The larynx needs to stay on the general level of where you speak, that way you are never straining your voice. This is a really great technique for those who feel that they need to always be reaching out of their range. It is much more beneficial as a singer to stay within your healthy, comfortable voice range.

Stay Hydrated

It sounds simple enough, but it is very important to your voice that you keep the vocal folds lubricated. Cold water, warm water, that part doesn’t matter. The hydration is what is important. You will strain your voice if you continue to sing without proper lubrication. And, this probably goes without saying but it is also worth mentioning: Don’t smoke. In any way, shape, or form! Educate yourself if you really need to see what smoking does to the voice.

Rest Your Voice When It’s Tired

Another important part of vocal health is also remembering to take “vocal naps” when necessary. You know your voice best; when you feel that you are straining too much or maybe you feel a cold coming on. You can tell when your voice has been overworked. Be sure to practice some self-care and let your voice rest. And that means no TALKING as much as no singing, too! Don’t think that just because you’re not singing means you can still use your voice – vocal rest means to rest the voice completely.

Do Vocal Warm-Ups As Often As Possible

Yes, if you’re a singer, you have to warm up. You can’t just jump into singing without stretching a voice, a lot like stretching before you are running. Think of it as that type of a warm-up, but for your singing. Seth Riggs helped Michael Jackson to be “all the way open” in this warm-up session, so he knew how essential it is to make sure to do these vocal exercises before singing at full voice.

Singers Have To Work At It

You don’t just get lucky enough to have a great voice. Those who have the singing talent have to consistently work to keep their voices in its best shape. Lady Gaga collaborated with a voice coach for over six months for just one performance. If you know that you want to perform on a stage, know the work that needs to go into it.

Singing is fun and entertaining, but it is also a job and your voice is a tool that is just as important to keep in good shape, just as you would for your legs or your arms. Don’t neglect it, take voice lessons with a trained professional and be sure to continually practice keeping your voice healthy.

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A Few Tips For Left-Hand Piano Playing For Beginners



left-hand piano


Do you still sing the classic holiday song “All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth”? Then, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that this song found its origin in Smithtown only. Smithtown always had a deep connection with music. Music is its heart and soul. As a resident of this town, you must be experiencing this day in and day out. Like others in your neighborhood, if you also aspire to become a famous musician someday, then start learning piano. It can be a great starting point for you. A piano can be a simple musical instrument, but its techniques need proper attention and grasping.

One of the typical challenges that learners in Smithtown usually face with this instrument is the use of both hands together. Often, people struggle with their left hand as it tends to be weaker compared to the right and hence, doesn’t allow smooth coordination. The fingers move slower than the right hand’s. Due to this, the chances of mistakes increase. But it’s very normal. One side of the human body tends to be stronger and sometimes bigger also. You have to identify the area of your problem. If you feel your left hand is not able to perform well, then follow a few suggestions to fix it.

Play a song with the left hand

Recall a song that is there in your memory, and you play it effortlessly with your right hand. If you know any such song, then try to use your left hand on the piano while playing it and keep the right hand away. It can sound to be an easy task. But using the left hand on the keys can be challenging, especially if you are not in this habit. At this time, your focus should be on improving your left-hand coordination. So, ignore bass notes and everything else. Your attention has to be on playing chords or whatever you played with the right hand. It would help if you did not use your right hand for at least 30 to 60 minutes.

Play a song with the left hand

© [Sergey Tolmachev] /Alamy

Play slowly

Not playing with the right hand can feel strange and awkward. However, you could somewhere also think that you don’t have to slow down your tempo just because you would be using your left hand. But you have to reduce your speed for accuracy and muscle memory so that you don’t go wrong with movements and placements. The tempo will naturally increase when you repeat the motions. Hence, don’t worry about it.

Try Hanon exercises

There are about 60 exercises that can help you strengthen your hand coordination, agility, power, speed, and more. These exercises got their name from Charles-Louis Hanon, who founded them almost a century back. However, these are still in use today for their effectiveness. Do these exercises with both hands. You may face difficulty with your left hand, but don’t give up. Practice each step with separate hands at a slow, comfortable speed. When it gets into your system, you can gradually improve your speed and add both hands too. Just remember one thing that you don’t need to rush. Even those who have mastered the piano don’t fully know Hanon exercises. They keep doing it over time.

Play, pause, and repeat

When you do exercise, you should take a break after it completes successfully. Remove your fingers from the keyboard and bask in the feeling of achieving it. After continuously repeating it, you will realize that your hands naturally move towards chords and melodies. It happens because your muscle memory has become better with practice.

Give some rest to your left hand

After working out with your left hand tirelessly, you should allow it to rest a bit. This break is crucial as it helps your muscles to become active and powerful. At the end of the practice session, you feel exhausted and may not get the desired result even after pushing yourself. But instead of getting disappointed, break from it for a while so that you can get back with full energy. When you start fresh, you will also notice how easily you have picked up things.

© [Design Pics Inc] /Alamy

If you want to do well in music, then consider joining a piano class in your area. You can search for “piano lessons near me in Smithtown, NY,” and get many options. Going to regular practice under the supervision of experts can come in handy in many ways. They can guide you about what is right and what is not from the beginning to help you build your skills on a sturdy foundation. Plus, they can also tell you about your strengths and weaknesses so that you can overcome any challenge with ease. Just make sure the school where you go for your lessons is reputable; also, it has received excellent ratings and reviews from previous students.

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Where Can You Find The Best Guitar Cables Out There?



Where Can You Find The Best Guitar Cables Out There?
If you are new in the music industry, you have a long road ahead of you. There are so many details that you have to learn. Thankfully, the Internet is here to help you. You probably haven’t thought how something could be so meaningful. Take the guitar cable for one thing.

You can have the best musician and the best instrument out there. That doesn’t mean that everything will be fine. It takes more than that to succeed. You have to learn everything to know about them before you go to the store. If you want to, you could even learn how to make one for yourself here

Where to begin?

First of all, you have to know the basics. It would help a lot if you already have some previous knowledge about instruments and wires. They are totally different areas. But you have to know something from these 2 to learn how the cables work.

guitar cableMany experts will tell you to keep in mind a few things when going to the store. You have to decide between coiled or straight and acoustic or electric. Then, you have to think about shielded cabling. It would be quite useful to get a wireless device if you could.

What is shielding?

When choosing a cable, you will hear this word a lot. So, you have to learn its meaning. If you hear a lot of humming noises from your guitar, you don’t have proper shielding. It actually blocks any unpleasant and unwanted interference. It’s great if you already have a noisy apartment.

The difference between recording and performance

Before choosing the best guitar cable, you have to do some thinking. What will you use your guitar for the most? You can’t get a cord for performing on stage and recording. They are 2 completely different things. So, you will have to use different types of cord, after all.

Length is significant here. If it’s too long, it will make the signal much worse at high frequency. It would help if you used a long wire for a recording session. There are some things you can change during the editing part. But you can’t change everything.

Choosing The Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
However, if you get to perform live, you need a longer cable. This is for your benefit. You will get to move more freely on stage. You will seem more natural. Imagine performing with a long cord. You will inevitably trip on it.

Should you choose a wireless option?

You probably see a lot of tech stuff that is wireless nowadays. You even have wireless headphones, keyboards, mouse, and whatnot. So, you also have to option to perform without a cable. This is especially good for those musicians that don’t want to be chained up on stage.

You will surely want to go for this option. But you shouldn’t rush. Many musicians have complained that the signal is too bad. You have to invest more money for it to sound better. So, maybe this isn’t the right choice for you.

Is there a difference between electric and acoustic?

There’s a big difference between an electric and acoustic guitar. But when it comes down to cables, they are basically the same thing. You can use whichever one you like. It would be best if you looked for high quality instead. That’s the most important thing.

best guitar cableCan you use your cable with a bass guitar?

If you have chosen to play the bass, don’t worry. You don’t have to pay for a brand new bass cable. You can use the one you already got. They are the same thing. One cord works for both guitars. Instead, you should make a difference between good and lousy cable brands.

What about the conductor?

You would need to know something about electricity actually to understand this bit. You would have to know something before you buy the proper cord for your guitar. The thing you should be looking for is oxygen-free copper and linear- crystal.

These are the most important words. Also, if you want durability, go for stranded conductors. They are so much better. But they also cost more money. In the end, it all comes down to how much you want to spend on equipment.

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How To Build The Best Home Recording Studio



How To Build The Best Home Recording Studio?

© [Dmitri Maruta] /Alamy

Recording your own songs, podcasts, or other forms of media no longer requires having to seek out a proper studio and rent it out. With commonly available technology, just about anyone can make a professional-quality studio right in the comfort of their own home, privy only to the rules set by yourself. That’s not to say all home recording studios offer the kind of quality their creators are looking for, however, it takes a good amount of preparation, as well as proper knowledge of how to best make an environment for recording sound if you want to pull this off. Here are just a few things you should keep in mind when making your home studio:

Location, location, location

The first step is to figure out where in your home you’re going to put this studio. You should prioritize rooms deep within your home to minimize how much effort you’ll need to put in to fully insulate the room from any outside noise. It should also be in a room that’s convenient, comfortable, and easy to be in. Other considerations include a high ceiling, as well as a little bit more room than you possibly expect to need. If you go with a room that’s sized “just right,” you might find yourself in hot water should any new materials come in that are bigger than anticipated.

recording studio home

© [Zoonar GmbH] /Alamy

Seal the room properly

Much like light, sound has a nasty way of finding its way into any area where there’s room for it. Your studio needs to be sealed both to keep outside sounds from leaking in, as well as your recording not being a nuisance to neighbors who might call in a noise violation. Vinyl sealing strips are a quick and easy way to seal all of your doors or other places where sound might leak out. Make sure you seal the room as best as you can. Soundproofing can be bought in large rolls to be affixed to your walls if necessary.

© [Dmitri Maruta] /Alamy

Purchase high-quality equipment

What separates a soundproof room from a proper studio is the equipment found within. You’ll need to purchase equipment designed for sound producers explicitly. For instance, your headphones should be able to replicate recorded sounds in as high-quality fashion as possible, on top of having a complete seal around your ear. What records your sound is also as important as what will play it back. High-quality microphones that remove unwanted noise while preserving sound quality are vital, plus a good set of monitor speakers. Much of what makes equipment worthwhile is explained on Home Recordio which might simplify some of the jargon you’re sure to face while purchasing. You can, of course, start small and work your way up as you learn what you need, but there’s a base level of quality you absolutely can’t avoid.

© [Dmitri Maruta] /Alamy


This is a place in your home that you’re expecting to get a lot of use out of, so that means during the planning phase, you need to do as much as possible to ensure you’ll actually want to be in that room, and that it will complete the tasks you want it to. Once the room is properly soundproofed, you’re ready to start purchasing equipment. At the bare minimum, you should be able to replay audio at the same level of quality that it was recorded. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for releasing media that just doesn’t play how it should on all devices.

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