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Carlo Elia Debut Album Coming Out At The End Of The Year



Carlo Elia ( is set to release his debut album at the end of the year with the album title ‘Shades of Eden’. This techno album was inspired by a journey of life events that were both growing and challenging. The sounds on this album include a variety of eleven tracks, all influenced by the techno and deep techno world.
The name of the album can have different interpretations. Although for Carlo it illustrates many sides to his life, how it can thrilling yet grim at times. Life is filled with many types of circumstances, many sides, which relates to the track list on the album. There are very deep, dark techno compilations and also rhythmic tracks. The release of this album is incredibly personal, it is the take the listeners on an in-depth journey through the trials and exhilarating moments of his life therefore to understand it.
The album is to be released under the label, Elia Music Canada. This label was founded by Carlo Elia, which is based in Canada with partnerships in France. Further information regarding the album will be released shortly. Listen below a short preview of one of his new tracks, entitled “Deep Purple”.

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