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Celebrity Men and Woman Who Have Aged Miserably, And The Blunders They Made



Aging miserably, the Blunders of Many Celebrities

It is often said that celebrities look at the world from a bird’s eye view. They are not part of the random folks who lurk at every nook of the streets. This is not pedestrian thinking because efforts are made day and night to make these extraordinary humans to look as different as methods and resources can allow. Plastic surgery, rigorous fitness regimes, and very creative makeup are used to spruce up their appearances. However, Hollywood is full of celebrities who aged miserably and awkwardly for reasons that invite a combination of pity, ridicule, and shock. Just look at the following:


Keith Richards

Keith Richards is of the greatest guitarists that the world will ever have. His passion, tenacity, and skill are exceedingly remarkable. Keith looked good at some earlier point of his career. The 70-year-old Keith is synonymous with The Rolling Stones, which he co-founded. He now looks very unreal that his fans wonder what hit him. His face is not the one that a toddler would see and remain at ease. It is excessively rough and in total disharmony. Those who know him closely attribute it to a perilous lifestyle of substance abuse. It is simply a bad twilight for a man of such great abilities.


Lindsay Lohan

There is nothing as terrifyingly threatening as a young and beautiful celebrity with great promise who gets sucked into the seething cauldron of drugs, alcohol, and plastic surgeries. This is the sad tale of Lindsay Lohan. At the moment, Linda is only 28, but anyone would bet that she is well beyond her mid-30s. After numerous plastic surgeries and lots of drugs consuming, she has lost the charm for which she was once loved and adored and wears a haggard look like a survivor of a tropical cyclone. Her fans are patiently awaiting her return to glory.

Mickey Rourke

If it not for his great talent as an actor and a celebrated past as a boxer, Mickey Rourke would probably never attract anybody’s second glance. His face is not one that would attract favorable adjectives from the society. Mickey Rourke is 61, but appears much older and disorganized in shape and texture. Some celebrity watchers believe that Mickey’s bad looks are as a result of poor workmanship on the part of a plastic surgeon or wrong choices of the nature of therapy. Whatever the case, Mickey does not look any good. This is how easily he booked his place on the list of celebrities who have aged miserably, and with little chance to reverse the ugly truth.


Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson was once a very beautiful lady who turned heads every time she flaunted her best assets as a supermodel. People remember her youthful beauty and wonder how bad choices can ruin great personalities and launch them on the course of rapid aging. There are a number of things that Janice did to wreck her beauty. They include bad dieting and alcoholism. After the damage was done, she embraced plastic surgery to fix her dilapidated body frame and appearance. Collagen implants and Botox are some the remedies she sought. Quite simply, the combined effect of bad lifestyle and wrong remedies aggravated her aging.

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal is now in his early 60s, but he does not look as he should. His problem is not so much about facial attributes as it is about his size. Celebrity gossipers have found fault about Seagal for violating the rules of lifestyle, which have led to bad appearance he has assumed. People expect Seagal to behave in particular ways that celebrate the ethics of good living. Such a change of lifestyle should entail good dieting. As a former martial arts trainer, people expect Seagal to act and age in accordance with the discipline taught so many others. There is no denying that he is a man of great talents, but Seagal seems to have lost the fight for graceful aging.

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