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Celeste & Rokuro Create Anthem That Responds to Criticism of EDM Festivals & Unites



Recent biased press in Los Angeles has lashed out against EDM! damming festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival, and other raves to be nothing more than lowlife activities and it’s outraged the EDM community. We have seen Kaskade with a response song and and a new EDM group collaborating from USA, UK, & Japan: Celeste & Rokuro were poised to release “Your Love” but instead decided to release ” We Are Not Alone “, which was timely as both a response song to the current controversy as well as a song that relates to connecting all of humanity.
Celeste & Rokuro ↓
“It’s always hard to tell someone what a song means because thats part of the mystery and recently there’s been bad press for a thing that is so positive in the world. This song came from a stream of consciousness that turned out to not only be a response to the negative press that EDM festivals are getting, but a song calling to that part of us we all feel when we wonder about life. It’s meant to bring us together . “We Are Not Alone” is really dancing between meanings and it’s meant to. That’s the beauty of that mystery. Inside that , there is comfort. I wanted to express that, but it came very rapidly and I really have no idea how it happens, but when it does, I am always humbled by any song coming through.”

Celeste & Rokuro are on SoundCloud and posted the video for “We Are Not Alone” on their official Youtube channel. Please visit this link to check out this amazing new EDM group.

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