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Check Out These Poppy Melodies From KaySha And Just Chill Out!



Check Out These Poppy Melodies From KaySha And Just Chill Out!
This is the first time I discover KaySha‘s music, an artist from Singapore who sings beautifully in English. She shared with us her latest songs “Return To The Start” and “Travel Wander”. You should really give her a listen because I can not find a single thing wrong with the beautiful art she produces. In both tracks, gorgeous vocals float all over soft poppy melodies accompanied mainly by a guitar. Clearly, she goes for a minimal and simple style in terms of rhythms, although lyrically her songs are so meaningful. Somehow, these tunes seem long poems too as the length is about 6 minutes each.

KaySha singer
KaySha’s delicate voice truly shines on “Return To The Start”, which talks about being heartbroken, recalling old memories, and not wanting to go back to the past. My favorite line that probably sum up the whole composition, is: ‘Now I’m stronger than yesterday’. On the other hand, “Travel Wander”, carries a positive message. Lyrics describe the great desire to travel and enjoy every moment of life, in particular, if we do it with someone we love. Be sure to click play below in order to enjoy them.



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