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Chill Out And Let The Sonic “Journey” Happen With Mr.Franktastic



Coming from the Netherlands, Mr.Franktastic wants you to embark on a sonic “Journey” that pulls you out of a bad mood. This fresh track surely sets the tone for taking a break or chilling every weekend. In other words, he brings the perfect melodic soundscape to calm your mind.

Exceptionally, Mr.Franktastic creates a relaxing atmosphere with the right amount of chilled beats and exotic sound effects. Moreover, the self-taught artist embodies a good balance of warm instrumentals that beautifully surround your ears. Like it or not, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

If you want to discover why this song is properly titled “Journey” just hit the play button below or watch here the official music video.

Besides being a truly original producer, Mr.Franktastic is committed to providing nursing care to patients as well. Combining your calling with your passion is something that few people dare to do. Nonetheless, these days the future belongs to those who put into practice different skills.

Gradually, he’s surpassing 1000 streams on Spotify in spite of little promotion. As a result, this enjoyable electronic piece is working so fine. His debut single “The Curse” also has a similar kind of mellow vibe you might find interesting too.



By Erick Ycaza

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