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Choosing The Best Acoustic Guitar Strings



Choosing The Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
After using your guitar for some time, you will need to change the strings so that you can get the best sound quality. The type of guitar strings that you choose have an impact on the sound you will get. Therefore, you should invest in buying best acoustic guitar strings so that you can enjoy playing.

You do not need prior experience for you to choose the best strings for your acoustic guitar. Even if you are buying the strings for the first time, the most important thing you need is information. When you have equipped yourself with the right information, you will not have any difficulty selecting the right strings.

To help you get the best, I have researched and offered you with important points that will guide you when you are buying acoustic guitar strings. You need to know the following:

Construction Materials

Guitar strings are designed using different materials. For you to know which one suits you well, you should learn all the materials that are used to make the strings. Some of the common materials that you will find in guitar strings include the following:

• Bronze- These strings are clear, have a brighter tone, but they age quickly as compared to other strings because bronze oxidizes easily.
• Phosphor Bronze- They are darker and warmer than bronze. They also have a crisp sound, and the phosphor makes them durable.
• Aluminum Bronze- The strings have a pronounced bass and crisp high. They also have a greater clarity that phosphor bronze.
• Brass- The strings have a jangling, bright metallic character.
• Silk and Steel- The steel core strings have silk, nylon or copper wrap wire on the lower string and they produce softer touch and delicate tone.

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String Gauge

You should also consider the gauge of the strings before you buy. The gauge of guitar strings refers to the thickness of the string that is measured in thousands of an inch. The bigger the number, the thicker the string. If you are confused about what gauge to look for, this can help you because the string gauges are divided into different categories like:

• Extra light- string from .010-.047
• Light- strings from .012-.054
• Medium- From .013-.056
• Heavy-.014-.059

Type Of Guitar

Do not buy guitar strings without considering the type of guitar that you have. It is not advisable to cross the types of guitars and strings. For instance, you cannot use electric guitar strings on an acoustic guitar or vice versa because this can end up damaging your guitar.

The type of guitar that you have highly determines the strings that you will use. In some cases, guitars with styles like dreadnaught work well with medium gauge strings. Others like concert style work best with light gauge strings.

String Coating

What type of coating do you want your strings to have? Coating the string of the guitar helps to make them long lasting as compared to average strings. If you get guitar strings which are coated, they work well in resting oils from your fingers and other natural things that corrode the strings hence making you replace them frequently.

String Winding

This is another vital factor that you should check when you are buying new guitar strings. If you are a beginner, do not even concentrate on the string winding. However, if you are well versed with playing guitar, you can consider the winding. Basically, there are two common types of windings that you can get which include the following:

• Round wound- This is a winding that is easy to make and also cheap which makes it the most common.
• Flat round- The strings are made with a different core (hexagonal) and a different winding which is flat. The strings are more expensive.

Personal Preference

You should always go for strings that you love. Just find out what you love and look for strings that will match your preference. You should always look for strings that will provide your fingers with a pleasant feeling especially if you want to spend many hours practicing.

acoustic guitar price

Just like other products on the market, the strings also come at varying prices. It all depends on the amount of money that you have to buy the strings. Bronze strings are less expensive and coated strings are expensive. The cost of buying average guitar strings ranges from $5-$15, but if you purchase the strings in bulk, you can get better deals. So depending on what you want, you can get expensive as well as cheap acoustic guitar strings.


This might seem a minor factor, but it is important. Strings packaging has gone to new levels whereby their packaging is meant to make them more eco-friendly. This means no rust and they stay fresh until you put them in your guitar. For those who purchase guitar strings in bulk, you should consider the packaging especially if you will not be using the strings on your guitar for quite some time.

What Style Do You Play?

Choosing acoustic guitar strings also depend on your playing style. What types of songs do you play? For instance, if you are a finger picker, you are most likely to use lighter strings. These strings are very easy to use as compared to medium strings. For those who do strumming, then you are good with medium strings, but they can be hard on the fingers.

If you want to get the best from your strings, then you can opt for light-medium strings. With these strings, the bottom three strings are light gauge strings while the top three are medium gauge strings. These strings are awesome for players who do both fingerpicking and strumming.

Final Words

Replacing the strings of your acoustic guitar from time to time helps you get the best sound and an improved performance from your instrument. If you do not know where to start when you are buying your strings, I know this guide has helped you know some of the best qualities that you should check when you are purchasing the best strings for your acoustic guitar.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


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