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Chris Porter Interview 2015‏



Chris Porter Interview 2015‏
If you’re a fan of EDM music, then Chris Porter is for you! This talented young guy is one of the new breed of Dutch producers making people happy by providing nice tunes and remixes. I have the chance to make this interview, and it’s also exciting to conclude that he shines like a star!

1 – Tell us about how you started.

I have always been busy with ‘creative’ stuff. I started playing the piano at the age of 10, mastered some basic guitar skills a year later and got my music theory knowledge as perfected as possible. 4 years ago I found out that it was possible to not only play single instruments, but compose entire songs on a pc. This is where my hobby and passion for producing came to life.

2 – Did your parents support your choice to become a DJ?

My parents, since they noticed how motivated I was and how important this was to me, support me a lot. Without their support it would be really hard to keep doing what I do, for I need the extra bit of help in planning, for instance with school but also with the financial part of the business.

3 – Was there a specific DJ that made you realize DJing was the job for you?

No there was not one very specific DJ that inspired me, altough I have a few artist which I really respect for believing in their own sound, for instance: Dyro, Afrojack, Martin Garrix and Dillon Francis.

4 – How would you describe your sound to people who have yet to hear your music?

Of course this is a very hard question to awnser in one sentence, but I am going to try anyway. To me, producing is a way of expressing myself, I see it as an art. This means that most of my tracks come to extistince out of emotion and I believe that is what makes my sound different from others.

5 – How do you think the EDM scene is right now in The Netherlands?

I am personally really positive about the state that EDM is in right now in the Netherlands but also in the entire world. People are more open then ever to ”new” sounds and experimenting. One important factor which I love about the current state of EDM too, is the fact that it is about happiness. the goal of the music is to take people on a journey in a positive way. Even tracks which are sad have the power to bring you joy.

6 – You recently remixed Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” that became a hit on the Internet. Can you explain us why this remix is so successful?

I would not call myself or the track ‘succesfull’ I still have a long way to go, to reach that. But to awnser the question about why the feedback is so positive, I think that a lot of people like the original track, a lot. My goal with this remix was to change but at the same time keep the vibe and beauty of the track. In the breakdown I tried to center Ed’s voice and once the drop kicked in I wanted to put more power behind the meaningfull lyrics. I believe I succeeded and therefore people are liking the remix the way they do 🙂

7 – What is the best way to listen and appreciate music?

I believe this is personal to every individual. In my opinion it is in a dark room with a very good soundsystem. But in some circumstances the only thing I need is a beautiful view and my iphone earplugs.

8 – Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Probably in the studio working on a amazing collaboration with Martin Garrix 😉 Or playing mainstage at Tomorrowland. You know what they say… Dream big or go home 🙂

9 – Do you have any gigs planned for 2015?

We have some things in the planning which I can not speak about… yet.

10 – What would you like to say to your fans?

Thank you guys so much. thank you for letting me tell my story trough my music and sticking with me trough it all. The only thing I want my music to achieve, is to make the people happy. Witout the possitive feedback and constant support i wouldn’t of had the big oppertunities i am having right now. I hope you all stick with me for this ride. I promise it will be a wild one.


Soundcloud: http://chrisporterofficial

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