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College Kid Goes For The Gold With Lolo Jones



Harry “Bubby” Lyles Jr. has launched a social media campaign via twitter in order to land a date with US Olympic track star and model Lolo Jones. Lyles, a Georgia State student and son of longtime radio consultant Harry Lyles, asked Jones on twitter (@lolojones) if she would go on a date with him if he secured 150,000 retweets of his “date message”. When she replied “ok. I’ll be waiting” he immediately launched the retweet movement with support from local Atlanta media personalities and others worldwide. Follow Bubby and retweet him to the finish line on twitter @harrylylesjr.

If I get 150,000 RTs @lolojones; will let me take her on a date! Help me out!

— Bubby Lyles (@harrylylesjr) June 20, 2013

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