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Colombian Reggaeton Artist Reykon Teams Up With Magic Juan In A Video



Colombian Reggaeton artist Reykon offers high-quality music as good as Maluma’s. Not so long ago, he collaborated with Magic Juan, the frontman of the legendary group Proyecto Uno.

On this occasion, two heavyweight talents transform “La Cita,” a classic Salsa hit originally sung by Galy Galiano in 1992. Of course, the modern version is more upbeat and dancey without leaving behind its romantic flavor.

Let your head go with the flow if you’re not bilingual. Here, eroticism is pretty much the driving force of these verses which revolve around cheating in the middle of a date.

Notwithstanding, the vocals from Reykon and Magic Juan form a great combination that is legitimately the most notable part. Whether or not you’re a sucker for Latin songs just turn the volume up!

Colombian Reggaeton artist

Additionally, the black and white visuals directed by Mr. Tay transport viewers to a hotel where the lyrics of “La Nueva Cita” come to life. Besides singing, the Colombian Reggaeton artist and his Dominican counterpart showcase their acting skills like pros.

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