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Commercial Musician Michael Musco Drops A New Banger On The Electronic Music Scene



Commercial Musician Michael Musco Drops a New Banger on the Electronic Music Scene
Michael Musco
has spent the last 4 years garnering acclaim for his production and commercial music and licenses a large amount of music to television, radio, film, video games etc. After years of boot strapping his studio together, he is able to produce tracks with the freedom of indie music with a professional and polished sound.

Michael has begun releasing original Progressive House, Big Room House, Electro House, and EDM. He recently released a new EP entitled ‘Unconstrained’, a single ‘Uncharted Dream’, and his newest banger titled “Savage Element” dedicated to the soldiers in Savage Element 2-501 RECON.

Michael’s take on music production is a sharp contrast to many others in dance music as he values dynamic range over crushing the mix with hard compression and brick wall limiting. This gives the music more space, sonic detail, huge drops, and a sound that comes alive.


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