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Condition One “Surrender” Music Video, Perfect For Depeche Mode Fans



Depeche Mode fans are always on the lookout for new music that resonates with the band’s iconic Electro-Pop sound. Certainly, the quest ends here with Condition One‘s new single and video, “Surrender.

Hailing from Germany, Condition One has emerged as one of the most promising bands of the present day. Their latest single is a mesmerizing fusion of synths and captivating vocals, making it a perfect match for Depeche Mode enthusiasts.

Before I dive into the melodic world of “Surrender,” let’s get to know the talented individuals behind Condition One. The artistic group comprises Manuel, Matthias, Oliver, and Nico, each contributing their unique flair to create a distinctive 80s-esque rhythm.

Additionally, the pulsating synths and irresistible vocals create an electrifying/enigmatic atmosphere that immerses you in a sonic experience like no other.

Depeche Mode Fans

Equally important, the lyrics of “Surrender” offer a profound message of self-discovery and letting go of control. Plus, it’s a song that invites you to embrace the uncertainty and the need for absolute freedom.

On a side note, this is also the first taste of Condition One’s forthcoming album, ‘IDOL.’ With this track as a teaser, it’s safe to say that it promises to be fantastic material that will inspire Depeche Mode fans old and new.



By Erick Ycaza

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