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Conspiracy Theories About Avicii’s Death Continue



Conspiracy Theories About Avicii's Death Continue
So sad news for the EDM community! The publicist of Avicii has not confirmed yet if the cause of the death was suicide, drugs or a severe illness. As a consequence, the Internet shows a total lack of respect after fabricating some conspiracy theories about Avicii’s death. Some people claim the term Avicii in Sanskrit, a liturgical language of Buddhism means “the lowest level of hell”. With this in mind, what pops into our mind is something very dark. While others said it’s also a coincidence that DJ Martin Garrix released today a track called “Game Over”. Moreover, around the world, there is a celebration of the 420 day, in which smokers of cannabis advocate for it to be legalized. Well, conspiracy theorists argue these facts are a bit peculiar.  

All we know is that Avicii was a very talented guy and his family and friends deserve respect, so please stop telling lies! Thwisdom that humanity has lost expands unstoppably on social media. For this reason, I really think the publicist needs to provide more details about what really happened in Oman, place where the producer passed away. This way he will stop the spread of false rumors.

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Was Avicii killed after exposing a sex trafficking ring in his music video “For A Better Day”? Was he getting to close on this topic?

By Erick Ycaza

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