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COY Swede Releases A Different Pop/Ballad Hybrid, “Lose Heart”



COY Swede Releases A Different Pop/Ballad Hybrid, "Lose Heart"
Swedish music composer COY Swede drops a different Pop/Ballad hybrid. He dedicates this song for all the people who are about to lose their hearts or, to prevent it.

“This tune is one of its kind to me. Both musically and technically. “Lose Heart” is about getting through challenges without losing heart and believing in yourself. I want it to make you feel good and strong!” Says Thom.

This is the biggest single release Thom has made in his career so far because it comes directly from deep within his soul. “Lose Heart” has influences from Pop and EDM, it is also a mixed chill ballad that he hopes will touch the heart of the listeners.

Thom Holmberg is a composer and musician from Stockholm, Sweden. He is the artist behind COY Swede.

His personality is in the name, coy as in a little shy. As an artist he works a lot with his music, composing and collaborating with other talents in different digital platforms. This is his passion. He never really thought about playing in front of people before, but he really wants to be able to share his tracks with the world.

A lot of his inspiration comes from playing the piano and drums as a kid while combining classical music with contemporary music elements. He loves collaborating with singers that have a unique sound, as he does on this track.

“From the beginning, it was an ambient instrumental song. then I added the unique drums. I wanted it to be a hybrid sound between modern EDM beats and classic sounds. One of the synths has a double cut n half c# minor chord to get that unique, full background melody in the verses.”

He made that idea up himself. Thom is passionate about composing, as you will notice when listening to this cut. So what does the future hold? Thom has plans to release much more in the future, some base tracks are already in store. He wants to share his music with the world and inspire others to do the same.

Follow him on that journey via Spotify.



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