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Crafty Barnardo Has Created A New Sound With His Debut Album ‘I Hope This Heals Us All’



Crafty Barnardo
Crafty Barnardo
is an artist with a diverse and colorful background. Over time, he developed a highly refined sound, which combines the perks of various genres. His songs fall somewhere in between the striking edge of Pop and the appeal of Hip-Hop, with a touch of classic R&B. Recently, he took his winning formula to the very next level with the release of a brand new project titled ‘I Hope This Heals Us All’ (IHTHUA). This fantastic new work has a great dichotomy between appeal and directness. The arrangements are extraordinarily catchy, while the song’s unique hooks are memorable and personable.

In the vein of artists such as Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd and Chance The Rapper, Crafty Barnardo is all about highlighting the strong dynamics of his vocals, with a very accomplished instrumental backdrop. His tone feels modern, but there is a certain retro charm to it, which certainly allows listeners to experience the most human component of his creativity.



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