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Cynthia Laclé Drops A Mind-Blowing Techno Song, “Turning Back”



Cynthia Laclé
The talented producer and DJ Cynthia Laclé unveils her newest production: a high-octane Techno banger titled “Turning Back. With an inherently powerful style, delivering soundscapes impactful in both energy and sound, she continues to make her mark, building a release catalogue with tracks that no doubt demand attention. As she drops this newest release, Cynthia Laclé places her high-quality production approach in the spotlight once again, offering listeners the chance to dive into an intoxicating production.

Having had a busy few months, releasing unmissable music with tracks like ‘Chaos’ and ‘Abduction’, Cynthia Laclé appears unstoppable in her creativity and commitment to growing her reputation within Electronic Music. With every release, she manages to curate memorable and exciting auditory journeys, presenting a unique blend of Bigroom and Techno through mighty-sounding soundscapes. As she keeps expanding her list of career achievements and accolades, having already won the Dutch DJ Championships in 2017, she continues to remind genre enthusiasts of her innate talents and original style, placing her on the list of those to watch within Electronic Music today. Now, presenting yet another hard-hitting production, Cynthia Laclé invites listeners to immerse themselves in her magnetising energy, releasing a track invigorated by pounding rhythms and thumping basslines.

A pulse-raising hook line, potent beat, and underlying low end introduce the intense energy of ‘Turning Back’ from the start, immediately thrusting the track forward as electrifying risers lead the listener into a punchy-sounding soundscape. With an animated synth lead keeping the dynamism high, the track then guides through a tension-building breakdown, bringing a growling bassline, melodic stabs, and gritty elements into the mix. At the return of the beat, ‘Turning Back’ raises the vigorous vibes even further as bold sonic details and energetic hits add to the enthralling listening experience.

With a signature sound that appears unique to her, Cynthia Laclé is sure to keep standing out within Electronic Music, and this latest release once again proves why; highlighting her impressive skillset when it comes to producing compelling music, ‘Turning Back’ is no doubt a must listen for those looking to discover the original and innovative style of this talented Producer. So, one not to miss, make sure to stay up-to-date with the artist via social media. “Turning Back” is out now and is available to stream and download across platforms.




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