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D.Polo Interview 2016



D.Polo Interview 2016
London-based, DJ/Producer D.Polo is mostly known for his work behind the decks, playing fun and energetic EDM tunes at clubs. We caught up with him to discuss about music and his artistic life. Read everything below!

1. What is the best part about being a DJ/Producer?

Getting the chance to see people dance and enjoy the music that was created from an idea in my head! Absolutely amazing feeling.

2 – How did all start for you?

Just being in love with music from a very young age and the feeling and emotions it gives off. Really motivated me to start producing and DJing. Haven’t stopped since.

3 – How complicated is it to produce a track?

Every track is different, it’s not hard nor easy. Depending on knowledge of the Daw you’re using and the ideas you have, and of course creativity! All depends on you and your determination

4 – Why does music feels so good? Is there a music style you dislike?

There is a lot of emotion in music. It can help take away any stress or problems in your life and just escape… I do not dislike any music. Music is there to help and heal no matter what style or genre it may be.

5 – Tell us a bit about your latest release “Raise Em Up”, How long did it take you to produce it?

It took me around a month to finish “Raise ‘Em Up”. I wanted to make something that everyone could enjoy in the club, at the gym or just sitting at home listening!

6 – What were your influences for the track?

My main influences were actually my idols, Roulndoors. The track Zig was big motivation for me.

7 – When do you usually make music?

Everyday! mainly at night! Best time to work on a track, in my opinion.

8 – How do you usually name your tracks?

I send the track to a few close friends, and ask them if it makes them feel a certain way. Then go from there!

9 – How has your Albanian heritage influenced your music?

Not many talented artists get noticed for their hard work in Albania. You have to know someone highly connected to be able to get into the clubs and DJ. This motivated me even further to move past that, and let the music speak for itself.

10 – What are your goals for the future?

To keep making tracks that people can really move too, keep DJing, and hopefully go on a tour in the future! And keep practising!!!



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