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DaGeneral Interview 2014



DaGeneral Interview 2014How much do you really know about DaGeneral? He’s a Scottish Techno DJ, an accomplished producer and the co-owner of General Surgery Records, a prestigious label that supports underground music artists. Read this exclusive interview and get all the details you need!

1 – What inspired you to start Djing?

My uncle is Mike C (Equinox | Fantazia | UBIK) so it was ground into me from the early 90’s fortunately. Back when music in my opinion growing at a rapid rate. There were so many great artists, even back when I was learning the ropes, such as Joey Beltram, Carl Cox, Jon The Dentist, and Jeff Mills were smashing out some belting tracks. From then on with support from Mike, and then Jay M, and Toadtastic to groove me into the DJ that I am today.

2 – Is there anything you miss about the old “Techno” days?

The party scene although I have grown up a bit now, the mad raves were a good scene but the business head has to come together to ensure you have the right frame of mind to spend hours in the studio working on your next track.

3 – What’s the best party you’ve ever played in the UK?

Had a few favourites over the years, supporting 808state at CIRCUS was great, but I also have some fond memories of Judgment Day, and of course Sensations in Glasgow was a great residency to be involved with. It’s hard to choose a stand out night or event as each one has its own quirks and the crowd are always awesome so it wouldn’t be fair to choose favourites.

4 – How big is the Techno scene in the UK?

The techno scene in the UK is flourishing, the crowds are awesome and they love good music. I think a lot of people are sick of the commercial storm that EDM has been giving them. I think the enthusiasts want to enjoy some good underground sounds rather than the generic hands in the air breakdowns, thrown in with vocals which seems to be the norm at the moment.

5 – You’ve released many Techno EPs so far, what have you got in store for us in 2015?

Already working in the studio with Moggi on our next EP which is going to be called “Gods of the Underworld” expect some awesome remixes from at least Two Times Four (Tomorrowland), and Angelo Posito (Italy). And another few tricks up our sleeve on this EP. Expect some banging Techno to come of the production line on this beauty. Also on the Tech House sound I am working in the studio with Felo Rueda (Colombia) on our next cracker. Of course both EP’s will be released on General Surgery Records and will be exclusive initially to HTFR Digital. Then of course you can expect myself and Moggi to go straight back into the studio to work on our next masterpiece.

6 – How did you end up being the co-founder at General Surgery Records?

I was chatting to Jon The Dentist, and he was getting into his Techno sound, so it made sense. We put our heads together and put our names together to make a label, hence the name “General Surgery”. After 6 months of hard work doing our preparation the label was off the ground and we started getting some releases out there.

7 – How do you support underground DJs and Producers via General Surgery Records?

We have an open policy at the moment. So our ethos is that it doesn’t matter who you are, send us a demo and we will listen to it. Whether you have been producing for 10 years or 10 days we will listen to it, give you feedback. And if the track is good enough we will sign it and support you through the process. Why not? We all had to start somewhere, right?

8 – Do you also manage live DJ events?

Yeah keeping busy of course I co-own “This Is Techno Live” with N.K.D. we have a monthly techno radio show running featuring some massive guests 2015 already we have in store UMEK, Goncalo M, Dualitik, The Anxious, and Skober. And that is all before easter! Of course to compliment the radio show we now try to put on 2 club nights per year to make it a great all around show. So far the feedback has been awesome and we have no plans to stop.

9 – Who is your favourite producer at the moment?

Oh that is a tricky question, at the moment their is a few that stand out for me. New talent wise you got to love Simone De Biaisio (Italy), and Huan OC (Spain). For the more tried and tested I am right into Dualitik, their stuff is awesome. Also really digging David Meiser at the moment as well, you have to say the machines really are alive with his production skills.

10 – And finally, What’s next for DaGeneral?

More of the same progression, I hope. Looking forward to some cool events that should be coming up in 2015. Of course the radio show is going from strength to strength so each month’s show is always something to look forward to. Also looking forward to playing at Bodstock festival in Somerset in October, I hear the event is one of the most enjoyable in the country for DJ’s and clubbers alike. I also heard a little rumour I will be flying out to Berlin in the middle of the year which should be awesome. Apart from that a few gigs in Scotland already booked in and 2015 hasn’t even started yet. So fingers crossed it’s all going to plan for a busy year. Of course on the production front expect another good few releases of Techno, and the odd Tech-House thrown in for good measure.

Listen to DaGeneral’s latest hit “Destroyer”.

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