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Dance of Atoms Debut EP ‘Atom & Eve’ Set To Release On July 7th For $7



AandEcover2The Texas-based electronic group, Dance of Atoms, have secretly released their first seven song EP entitled ‘Atom & Eve’ on their official website: These 7 tracks are available for $7, but we have even more exciting news to announce.

On July 7th, also for $7, they will make available the first release of physical copies of ‘Atom & Eve’. On that date, their tunes may also be found on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and more.

Even more interesting and intriguing will be the personalized and unique CD cases for this project. Only 100 copies will be initially released of ‘Atom & Eve’, and each disc will be housed by a one of a kind creation designed and hand-crafted by the band. Even the track listings, lyrics, and album info will be hand-written. These CD covers will be a simple paper-fold design intended to be opened once and then preserved as a poster or decor of some sort.

Be on the lookout for Dance of Atoms, and make sure you mark your calendars for their July 7th of ‘Atom & Eve’!

‘Atom & Eve’ EP  Track-By-Track Review 

Burn Me Up It is sort of like where Rock meet Electronica…and that’s what it feels like. A very interesting track with loud and intense vocals.

I Still Love You  I like this song’s title, and also the message that evokes the nostalgic lyrics. It sounds very cool to me, particularly the “vocoder” part when you get those “whoah oh oh ohs”.

The 80’s A nice track that represents the golden era of music! Indie Dance music with electric guitar included! Once again the vocal performance is amazing and it gets a little psychedelic at the end.

Another One Bites The Dust This is a very famous song who has been covered by Dance of Atoms in a more aggressive and energetic style! I would say its a very modern version with Dubstep wobble sounds and electronic music beats.

Artificial Avalanche YES this is Electro Rock music guys! It’s quite hardcore but it sounds great with the four-on-the-floor rhythm pattern. The lyrics evoke rebellion and freedom.

Dance Hard Lovely intro with progressive synths. It’s an uplifting club banger for having a good time with friends!

I Can Change This is my favorite song! It features a collaboration with a female vocalist. You’ll love to sing out loud this catchy Synth Pop tune in your room. Also it’s nice to end the EP with an optimistic note.

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