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Dancer Rudolf Nureyev Immortalized In Pet Shop Boys’ New Video



“Dancing Star” by The Pet Shop Boys pays homage to one of the most legendary dancers of all time, Rudolf Nureyev. Released in promotion of the duo’s upcoming album ‘Nonetheless,’ this single tells the inspiring story of an artist who fought adversity in the Soviet Union.

Best of all, the music video, brings the ballet icon’s story to life in a breathtaking clip that you won’t want to miss.

Rudolf Nureyev

Ballet Dancer Rudolf Nureyev

In 1961, the young Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev was touring France with his troupe from the Kirov Ballet. What started as an ordinary trip abroad soon turned into an act that would change the course of Dance history. Nureyev, longing to experience true creative freedom, made the courageous decision to defect from the Soviet Union.

His defection sent shockwaves around the world and marked a turning point in the Cold War. Nureyev was now free to pursue his art without restrictions, becoming a global ambassador for classical ballet. He joined the Paris Opera Ballet and later the Royal Ballet in London, revolutionizing both companies with his raw talent.

A Moving Tribute to an Icon

In “Dancing Star,” the Pet Shop Boys are all about capturing that untamed spirit, along with the courage and guts to live freely, just like Rudolf Nureyev. Of course, all of this translates into one hell of a danceable and uplifting Electro-Pop track.

In fact, it’s got that same eargasmic quality as their first single of 2024, “Loneliness, which was reviewed by Electro Wow earlier in January.

ballet dancer rudolf nureyev
That combination of drama and passion for classical ballet is also portrayed in the music video, which immortalizes this narrative.

No doubt, Rudolf Nureyev is a true inspiration, urging you to break free from conformity and dare to chase our creative dreams with utmost freedom. If you set your mind to it, you can absolutely transform society. So let’s go for it!



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