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Dapper Dressing For A Man’s First Date — Top 5 Tips



man's first date tips
A first date is a momentous occasion, or it certainly can be. It allows both parties to make a lasting impression. Fail to impress, and you will be unlikely to have a second date despite how much you would like to. Impress, and you may stand a better chance of turning a casual date into something more permanent. While appearances certainly aren’t everything when it comes to finding the love of your life, considering what you wear and how you look adds to the first impression that is so important. Therefore, continue reading for our top 5 tips on how to dress dapper for a first date.

Plan Ahead

Opening your closet and grabbing the least crumpled item is certainly not a method that we would condone. It smacks of disorganization. Furthermore, it gives the impression that you have not made much of an effort. Planning ahead will ensure you have time to iron the garments, if necessary. If it is not often that you wear smarter outfits, they may even need a good wash to make sure they smell fresh and clean.

clean up closet

If you are the organizer of the date, consider the location when deciding what you will wear. For a restaurant, it may seem obvious that you would need to dress smartly. However, it truly does depend on the establishment itself. Being overdressed can be just as embarrassing for some people as being underdressed. Checking out an eatery’s Facebook page can often show photos of diners, which may help sway your decision as to what to wear. Of course, first dates are not restricted to restaurants. Other venues, such as bowling alleys, movie theaters, even theme parks, are fun options. Of course, these are a little more casual and require that approach when it comes to clothing. Whether you are inside or outside also plays a part in your decision-making, especially if it’s a little chillier.


Simple can sometimes be the best approach to take. For smart, choose a crisp shirt with a well-fitting pair of pants. Add a nice jacket. Do not feel as though you need to go suited and booted, though, unless it is a prestigious, upmarket establishment, and you know that is the expectation. A non-matching jacket that complements the shirt and pants combo will suffice for most occasions. If you are venturing out somewhere a little more casual, consider a polo shirt and some smart navy or black jeans. Pair these with a stylish casual jacket or possibly even a hoody. Clothing can speak volumes about the wearer. Although on a regular basis, you may choose to wear a football shirt or band t-shirt, pledging your allegiance to your team or love for your favorite band, this is usually not suitable for a first date. Of course, a football match or gig would be a different matter, and those garments would be advisable.

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Whether you prefer to don men’s square toe cowboy boots or casual loafers, it is likely that your date will glance at your footwear at least once during the evening. Be sure to choose a pair of shoes or boots that match your outfit. Furthermore, if they are dirty, give them a clean. And, if they are falling apart, beyond repair, ditch them rather than trying to get an extra few months’ wear from them. When it comes to job interviews, employers always look at your choice of shoes. First dates are exactly the same when it comes to judging and being critical.

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Personal Hygiene

It does not matter how much deodorant or eau de toilette you use, it can still be very clear that you have not bothered to shower. Yes, we all live busy lives, but your first date is one where impressing matters the most. If you have not even sacrificed a few minutes of your day to have a wash, your hair included, it shows a lack of care and consideration. Brushing your teeth well is essential. Use floss and mouthwash, too. Certainly, you won’t get anyone coming near you for a kiss if you are not minty fresh. That being said, if you are having a meal out, you are likely to smell (and taste!) of the food you have eaten, so carry some emergency mints or chewing gum with you at all times. For men with beards, maybe have a bit of a tidy up trim, so it looks more sophisticated and less messy.

Happy dating!

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