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Dare to Be Dreamers Interview 2016



dare to be dreamers

The San Diego band Dare to Be Dreamers combine their talent with humanitarian projects. In short words, their music & films inspire hope and make dreams come true. This sounds interesting, right? Learn a little bit more below!

1 – Why did you form the band?

I wanted to make music that wasn’t confined to a box. I love EDM, hip hop, indie, etc. so I wrote songs that would bring these elements together. As we constructed the songs, we kept in mind the live experience, and built songs that would translate into an energetic and mesmerizing live show. I also wanted to create something bigger than just a band, which is why we launched the Dream Partners Initiative to use music and film to make dreams come true for struggling families and hospitalized kids.

2 – How long have you all known each other?

We’ve been making music together since we were kids, over 15 years of writing songs and touring together.

3 – What are your major influences?

My main influences are Bono and Ryan Tedder (of OneRepublic)

4 – Is it possible to make dreams come true through music?

Yes, and we used our first single “Still Young” to do it. A young boy with Down Syndrome, Ryan Stamper, has dreamed of being in a music video and being in a band. We flew him to San Diego and to Hollywood to star in our films and model for our album cover. We also partnered with Legoland to get him and his family free tickets while they were out here. Then our song & music video “Making Believe” raised money and awareness for a little girl who has been fighting for her life since birth, Raylea. Her dream was to meet Mickey Mouse so we flew her and her family to Disneyland for a VIP meeting with Mickey and Minnie. We also raised $10,000 to stop their home from foreclosure.

5 – How are project activities financed?

Mostly through our Dream Partners Initiative. Many of our fans believe so much in what we are doing that they have become ‘Dream Partners’ – these are people who give $20 a month toward making dreams come true. Proceeds from our album sales and clothing line also go to the cause. Anyone can become a Dream Partner by going to

6 – What are the main topics for most of your songs? Do you think these topics will change over time?

For this album, the theme was Dream Again. It’s based on the reality that many of us as kids grow up with big dreams, and big aspirations. We believe anything is possible. Then we grow older, the reality of life hits, and we stop dreaming. We stop believing. We become skeptics, understandably pessimistic toward life. I struggled with that, and this album is a hopeful reminder to return to that belief system that anything is possible. The next album will cover different ground as that journey evolves.

7 – Do you have a record label deal?

At this time, we are signed with Jericho Down Studios, an independent label in San Diego.

8 – Who wrote the lyrics for “Making Believe” and what is its message?

I (Jason David) wrote “Making Believe” after finding out my brother, and fellow band member Stephen, was leaving San Diego for a new job in Seattle. I knew he was making the right decision for his family, but part of me felt like we were growing up too fast. The song recounts our childhood memories, and it’s a plea to keep playing ‘make believe.’ We grew up singing, rapping, and touring together and I wasn’t ready for that to end. The song also is a plea to our fans to not give up on faith, and dreams, and to maintain that child-like love for life.

9 – What’s the upcoming single about?

Our next single is “Dream Again” featuring Trevor Davis from NBC’s The Voice. It’s a beautiful song I wrote with Trevor about overcoming pain and disappointment.

10 – What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

Create art that gives people value. Never use art to degrade anyone, and never make it all about yourself.

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