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Dario Black Interview 2015



Dario Black Interview 2015

Dario Black is an emerging Electro Pop artist that you need to hear! I got the opportunity to interview him and to know more about his amazing music and future projects. Despite being in the midst of a music video production for his latest single “Fire of Love”, Dario Black took the time to talk with us about his music. Read the full interview below:

1 – How did you get into electronic dance music?

It was late 80s, I was just a child , I started getting into it when I heard the Technotronic “ Pump Up The Jam” that was my jam and still is today.

2 – When did you start singing?

I started singing when I was 14 years old, I was in choir in church and high school.

3 – Who are your role models/inspiration?

Two of my role models are Madonna and Shakira. I feel as artists they have done so much with their careers and they are always creating something fresh for the world to hear & talk about. Their creativity inspires me.

4 -Tell us about your single “Fire of Love”. What is this song about?

“Fire of Love” is a song I wrote because I was going through dark times. I feel a lot of people can relate to that. We all have bad days some more than others so sometimes you just need a good track to lift you up and help you look forward to the light. “Fire of Love” is song about letting go the past and look towards the moment you are living it, it is about being in the present, not about the past or future. When we live in the moment we find more joy out of life .

5 – Are you planning to make a music video?

I am actually working on it right now . It should be out by the summer .

6 – What do you remember about playing your first gig?

My first gig was very exciting but stressful because I didn’t know a lot of things I know today. I had to sell my own tickets and find people to come see me perform. I remember seeing the crowd dancing, smiling thats whats about, sharing the love.

7 – How would you describe your music to somebody who had never heard it?

My music is electronic pop with a taste of latin influence. It has that vibes that makes you wanna grove from the moment you hear the first beat drop. You would dance for sure.

8 – What type of music do you dislike?

To be honest I have respect for all type of music, if the song is good then I am a fan. I listen to everything so I do not have one specific type that I dislike.

9 – Are you from Latin America? Is it difficult to be a successful artist in USA?

Yes I am Colombian/Venezuelan. I moved to the states when I was 14 years old. I feel it is very competitive here but there is so many resource to help independent artist like myself succeed.

10 – Finally, what are your plans for the summer?

I am planning to release my full EP S.M.L (Sex, Money, Love) and do more shows around southern California and the U.S.

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