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Video Premiere: Dario Margeli – When Your Brain Lies To You



When Your Brain Lies To You
Without a doubt, Dario Margeli‘s music has one characteristic element, the use of a wide range of synths. Despite this, his past revolved around the rock and roll scene. This year, he released a new album entitled ‘Electronic’ via Spotify + other major streaming services. Its first track, “When Your Brain Lies To You” is accompanied by a music video which features street art in the form of murals. With a vintage style, he takes us back to the Italo Disco era while singing about self-control. Eventually, this tune provides some peace of mind if you go deep into the lyrics. Philosophically, Dario is influenced by Buddhism and it’s quite true that problems arise from negative states of mind. Definitely, he carries this message in a very unique way with futuristic melodies. Take a look at his new clip right here!



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