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David Serero Interview 2016



david serero

Let’s start the year with something completely different, it’s 2016 and I had the opportunity to interview a special artist. His name is David Serero, who has a strong passion for Opera music and acting. Although it is true that he is not an electronic music producer as we are accustomed on this blog, his style is something refreshing. You’ll love what he has to offer in music.

1 – Why did you start your musical career in New York?

I was singing and producing R&B in Paris and decided to move to New York in 2001. There I discovered Broadway Musicals, Theater and then Opera.

2 – How did you discover your passion for Opera music?

By coincidence…While I was doing Musical Theater and Theater, people where telling me that I had a « voice for Opera ». I thought that Opera last for 8 hours and singers where 500 lbs each. One night I was offered a ticket at the Metropolitan Opera of New York and it changed my life. I said « that’s what I want to do in my life ! ». I returned at the Metropolitan opera the next day and said at the box office « I want to become an Opera singer. Tell me what do I have to do ! ».

3 – How do you take care of your singing voice?

It’s an everyday exercice. Singing is about knowing yourself, understand your limits, etc. It’s important for me to have a good sleep. I’m also very lucky to have built a strong voice which allows me to perform with all my capacities all year long and in many genres.

4– What are your thoughts on the current Opera scene?

There has been a huge improvement especially on the esthetic side which was neglected in the 20th century. Now it is more accessible than ever thanks to new medias. A lot also has been changed toward of how repertoire how mixed. Ten years ago when I said that I was singing Opera and Musicals, people thought I was crazy. Now a days, it’s very commun.

5 – What makes your music style different than the rest?

Because of the variety of my musical origins: Opera, Broadway Musicals, Jazz, Pop, Rock, R&B, Theater..etc. It creates a unique music.

6 – Tell us about the release of your debut album ‘All My Love Is For You’.

It’s an album that I always wanted to do for many, many years. I’ve always written songs, arranged and produced. I arranged and produced several artists, among them is the Jermaine Jackson’s last album of Jazz Standards (I Wish You Love). All My Love Is For You is the album that took me the most of time to record, arranged and produced. I performed every single note in this album including all the vocals of course. The album is very rich in terms of instrumentation. Some songs have more than 60 tracks! I’m really happy of the result and received great reaction from it. It is also the most personal album I have ever done, probably because I wrote all the songs.

7 – What’s your favorite song from your new album? Why?

That’s a tough question Erick…I will say YOU ARE FOR ME that is having already a huge radio rotation in the US and in the UK. But without being too romantic, all the songs are dear to my heart.

8 – Three things you David Serero can’t live without.

Music, Acting, iPhone…

9 – How can people hire you for private shows?

Usually they go through the contact page of my website or through agents.

10 – What do you have planned for the rest of 2016?

I’m gonna promote ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU. I will play 3 majors lead roles in New York: Shylock (Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice) in January, Nabucco (Verdi’s Nabucco) in April and Othello (Shakespeare’s Othello) for the American Sephardi Federation at the Center for Jewish History in New York. I’m also doing several films and TV Series: and a new TV Series that I wrote: NAPOLEON IN NEW YORK! And also perform concerts, I do an average of 80 shows a year.

Listen David’s new album (here)

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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