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Decadon Releases 20-Track Bass-Rock Fusion Album ‘Lovely Destruction’



Las Vegas-based artist Decadon drops his debut full-length album ‘Lovely Destruction, a deeply personal 20-track journey that represents his unique sonic style. He has become known for mixing dubstep and melodic bass with his rock music roots, and the body of work is a dynamic representation of all of the above. From the ominous beginning of “Fragile State of Mind” to the punk-rock lyrics mixed with stabbing bass in “My Ever After” and the ethereal, digitized bass of “Talking to Myself,” Decadon’s genre-bending sonic range is nothing short of impressive. “Lovely Destruction” took almost 3 years to bring to life following the death of Decadon’s father in 2020, and the depth of his emotions while creating this therapeutic project reverberates through each track. By the closing notes of “Save Me,” you can feel the healing that occurred throughout the process of the album, and Decadon hopes that the album will serve as an emotional outlet to others as well.

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“This body of work is extremely important to me because it was something my father and I talked about putting together for years. I always wanted my debut album to really show both sides of the music I love. There’s beauty in destruction, even though it’s tougher to see, it’s there. The album truly reaches across a wide range of sounds, I’m so proud of it. This album started as a collection of a few songs I had written very soon after losing my father in 2020. It was my therapy, and then as the music started to flow more and build upon one another, I started seeing a body of work forming.” — Decadon

Lovely Destruction
Decadon, aka Donnie Miller, is an American musician originally from Denver, Colorado and a unique force in dance music. Seamlessly merging the raw energy of rock with the pulsating beats of bass music, he is self-taught in multiple instruments. His intense interest in technology combined with his love of writing and performing music lead him to electronic dance music. He has been supported by industry heavyweights such as The Chainsmokers, Excision, and Diplo, and has collaborated with unique celebrities like Riff Raff, Hulk Hogan and more. His unique blend of DJ performances and live guitar captivate audiences at his shows and festivals. His new album marks a pivotal moment in his career, solidifying his position as a trailblazer in the convergence of rock and bass music, promising a future filled with innovation and sonic exploration.




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