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Decipher The Tarot Cards With DESIRE In “Days & Nights” Video



DESIRE‘s new single “Days & Nights” is a masterpiece both aesthetically and musically. Tarot cards, a crystal ball, and the art of intuitive reading are the main elements of these mind-blowing visuals.

So far, “Telling Me Lies” is my favorite song off their most recent Electro-Pop album, ‘Escape.’

However, “Days & Night” is just as good as I expected it to be. In short, you can expect a love song bruised with anxiety…

Written and produced by Johnny Jewel, you’re about to enjoy another enigmatic piece featuring Megan Louise’s iconic vocals, accompanied by dark nuances intertwined with a dense layer of synthesizers.

Tarot cards

If anyone is wondering about the symbolism of those Tarot cards seen in the opening scene of the video, here’s a good basic explanation:

XV. The Devil: Don’t get scared! It actually means addiction, compulsion, or obsession. Indeed, we all have devils within us, the seeds of bad things we’re usually able to stop ourselves from doing.

XIII. The Death: It has nothing to do with its literal meaning. On the contrary, this card foretells transformation and rebirth. Perhaps, a new cycle is beginning and so a maturing phase.

XII. The Hanged Man (reversed): Impatience, not willing to wait or accept something.

One way or another, all these cards capture the plot line behind the lyrics of “Days & Nights.”

Besides that, DESIRE’s ample creativity marks the difference, as usual, leaving fans eager for more.



By Erick Ycaza

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