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Dejhare Responds To COVID-19 Crisis With Song “Do What You Gotta Do”



COVID-19 crisis music
Since the COVID-19 crisis started, singers from all over the world raised awareness through music. Dejhare doesn’t lag behind and releases “Do What You Gotta Do.While it is true her lyrics narrate the unfavorable situation that Coronavirus has brought to your daily life, conversely, the infectious chorus offers a message of hope and encourages you to stay positive. Things won’t always be this bad, so there’s no better feeling than listening to such a great uplifting song.

“Do What You Gotta Do” is accompanied by a fun sing-along YouTube music video which can be viewed here:

Despite the hard times, the “Unbreakable” singer wants you to celebrate each day of life. Without a doubt, humanity undergoes many changes from one day to the next due to the COVID-19 crisis. In contrast to her previous first singles, the artist based in San Jose, California embraces a fresh Dance-Pop sound which makes her powerful vocals shine like never before. Indeed, similar tracks can be found on her latest album D7,’ featuring reimagined versions of her ballads under modern beats of electronic music.



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